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Shock Report: FBI Bombshell Explodes – Obama’s Cronies Helped Hillary…

Since the end of election season, there’s been a suspicious silence concerning a very major controversy.

Last year, it seemed like conservatives’ dreams were about to come true, that a Clinton was finally going to get what’s been coming to them.

But that dream was destroyed when Former FBI Director and Clinton lapdog James Comey took what was the best chance ever to bring a Clinton to justice, and dashed it to bits.

Since that infamous hearing, not much has been said about the Clinton investigation and whether or not it’s seriously ongoing.

Some lip-service has been paid to the issue but what really matters is intent and will, and those things have been severely lacking when it comes to the investigation.

Well, this week some damning new details about the FBI, Clinton, and Obama have emerged that will make every conservative seethe with rage.

As reported at Breitbart, the FBI has decided not to release Hillary Clinton’s treasure trove of archived records because the agency claims that there’s no public interest in their release.

Just take a moment to soak that in and understand what that means. It means that the FBI is still in the Clinton’s and Obama’s pocket, which, needless to say, is very bad news.

We have determined you have not sufficiently demonstrated that the public’s interest in disclosure outweighs personal privacy interests of the subject,” says the August 28 letter from David Hardy, the FBI’s record manager.

Ty Clevenger, an attorney in New York City, filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request in March of 2016 asking for a variety of documents from the FBI and the Justice Department, including correspondence exchanged with Congress about the Clinton email investigation.

I’m just stunned. This is exactly what I would have expected had Mrs. Clinton won the election,” Clevenger told the Washington Times.

It looks like the [Barack] Obama Administration is still running the FBI,” he added.

It is incumbent upon the requester to provide documentation regarding the public’s interest in the operations and activities of the government before records can be processed pursuant to the FOIA,” said the inexplicable FBI response, which will likely be appealed by Clevenger, who’s the filer of the claim.

Even though the nation was gripped with the Clinton email scandal all last year, despite the left-wing media’s best attempts to downplay it, the FBI has the gall pretend that there’s no public interest in the emails?!

Do these clowns really think we’re THAT stupid? Apparently the answer is yes, because they’re brazenly laughing in our faces with this cover-up.

The letter that Clevenger received, denying his FOIA request said that the FBI had “determined you have not sufficiently demonstrated that the public’s interest in disclosure outweighs personal privacy interests of the subject. You must show that the public interest sought is a significant one.

You’re right, FBI officials.

There’s absolutely nothing to be gained from properly investigating and revealing the corruption and law-breaking of one of the most famous and powerful politicians in the world.

Holding the most elite of the elite accountable couldn’t possibly send a positive message to the American people that nobody’s above the law.

And this move by the FBI further confirms the terrifying existence of the Deep State and the fact that left-wing Obama cronies are still stinking up our government.

After receiving the astonishing excuse on August 8, the FBI asked Clevenger to detail why the public would be interested in Hillary’s emails.

If you seek disclosure of any existing records on this basis, you must demonstrate that the public interest in disclosure outweighs personal privacy interests,” the letter stated.

In this regard, you must show that the public interest sought is a significant one, and that the requested information is likely to advance that interest.”

Clevenger expressed disbelief at the request. “Frankly, I am stunned I should have to explain why my request pertains to a matter of public interest,” Clevenger wrote in an August 11 response letter to the FBI.

In the letter, he cited the very obvious reasons why the public has a vested interest in seeing the Clinton email records. Those being that she’s a former First Lady, senator, secretary of state, and two-time presidential candidate.

Then there’s the most important, the fact that we’re supposedly a nation of laws that holds people accountable when they commit crimes, even if they’re super powerful and influential.

Whether the clowns at the FBI will be swayed is uncertain at the moment, but others wanting the truth and justice are taking action to convince the agency.

An online petition on the White House website demanding the FBI release the records has already been filed.

This petition will show the executive branch that there is sufficient public interest in releasing all FBI records pertaining to this case,” it states.

Hillary Clinton was shielded by former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey during the email ‘investigation’.

Hillary has continued to echo Russian interference in the 2016 election and releasing these records should help clear the air on this matter,” it continues.

President Trump should compel the FBI to release to the public all records related to this investigation.

Trump may have hopped off the indict Hillary train a long time ago, but this is a perfect opportunity to make good on his forgotten promise to “lock her up.”

He’s got nothing to lose at this point, considering the Left will bash him no matter what he does.

So, why not score some points with his starved base while also chipping away at the impregnable shield that protects Hillary Clinton and her mafia-like family?

Sources: Washington TimesBreitbart

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