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Feminist: Outdoor Activities Are Just Another Example Of White Privilege, You RACIST!

We’re about to embark on a mission to prove that Liberals are just plain OUT OF THEIR GOURDS!

It actually isn’t a difficult mission. There’s plenty of evidence.

We’ve got the insanity of forcing elementary school kids to convert to Islam in New Jersey, for example. That one sent Christians into complete meltdown mode, and rightfully so.

Then there’s the treasonous lunacy of a university professor Tweeting his support of the public assassination of President Trump by hanging. We’re sort of hoping the Secret Service pays him a visit.

See? It isn’t a tough mission at all. In fact, the everyday liberal idiocy can be proven with a simple game:

Let’s play word association: I’ll say a few words and you shout out the first thing that comes into your mind, okay?

Ready?  White privilege! [Outdoor Recreation!]  Good!

Cysgender hyper-masculine heteronormative toxic binary fatphobic Caucasians!

Uh…Outdoor Recreation?


If you feel completely in the dark right about now, don’t worry.  Even for those of us who have actually read the words of feminist, Emily Zak, it’s difficult to find our way through the laborious piece that she’s put together for Everyday Feminism.

The article aims to shame…but only those White people who you will typically see on a short hike through the woods, or camping out by a lake with a dog and a pocket knife.


“Unlike going to the movies, eating at a restaurant, or other ‘luxuries,’ spending time in nature seems free. But not everyone has equal access.

As with travel, marginalized groups face a lot of barriers to outdoor recreation. This leaves the different types of outdoor fun to privileged folks

Let me break it down for you:

  1.  Equipment needed for outdoor enjoyment is elitist because many people of color can’t afford this stuff
  2. Outdoor gear doesn’t fit everyone; therefore it is a fat-shaming pastime
  3. Access to natural spaces (like the ones apparently between this woman’s ears) is ‘tangled in historic privilege and oppression (i.e., RACIST)
  4. You need to know that outdoor recreation is an option???  (Huh?  Apparently, this means that Blacks will not go camping because other Blacks are not going camping.  Is that like, you can’t get the job due to no experience…and you can’t get the experience due to no job?)
  5. Day-to-day culture around outdoor recreation is exclusive because stereotyping, microaggressions, racism, and rape culture exist there (Again, “Huh?”)

My thoughts:  If you feminists really DON’T want to go camping…JUST SAY SO!  WE CAN DO SOMETHING ELSE, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

Toss this atop the new demand that American taxpayers should pay for transgender reassignment surgery, and welcome to the land of the “Progressive.”

Source:  ClashDaily

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