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Gangster Reveals His Secret For Sneaking Into America, And I Can’t Believe My Ears

Build the wall.

That’s what you’ll be saying after you hear what a former MS-13 gangster had to say about sneaking into the U.S.

Illegal immigration is a serious problem; that much everyone knows. Well, liberals pretend not to know it but they’re so out of touch with reality, their world must be like Alice in Wonderland sans the whimsy.

Illegal aliens have flooded into the country at an alarming rate in the past few decades and though people like Barack Obama support this, those with brains know it’s a problem.

At best, it’s simply not sustainable. At worst, it’s a plague that continues to rend the fabric of a once-great nation.

The good news is that our border patrol is finally getting some help; thanks to government funding, they’re able to step up their efforts. And it’s not happening a moment too soon.

Recently, conservative-oriented journalist Tucker Carlson took a look at the notorious MS-13 gang that has infected much of America.

The deadly gang that began in El Salvador and is comprised almost entirely of illegal aliens here in the U.S. is responsible for countless killings, and President Donald Trump has declared war on these insane thugs.

As part of the exploration, Carlson spoke to a former MS-13 assassin and he asked what it was like sneaking across the U.S. border. The ex gangster’s answer?

“It’s easy.”

Partial transcript from IJR:

CARLSON: How do you do it?

FORMER GANG MEMBER: I never wanted to go to the United States—

CARLSON: But your friends who did, how did they get in?

FORMER GANG MEMBER: There have their passes, they have their people. There are Mexican MS-13, Guatemalan MS-13.

When someone from the MS-13 wants to travel they just ask for a pass or permission from someone, a founding member who’s been in the States or here [El Salvador], and he will take over.

He’ll be in charge of making contacts with people. There’s always a connection. Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, and the U.S. It’s all one single connection. An MS-13 connection.

This particular ex MS-13 member said he’d killed “quite a few people” and that includes his own relatives. He first committed a murder at age 15.

He finished by saying he has changed his life and he “wants to do good things.” He’s advising young men not to seek out MS-13 because obviously, it’s like signing your own death warrant.

Well, that’s nice and everything, but this just proves how disgustingly easy it is for illegals to get into the country.

Hopefully, the strides we’ve taken in 2017 have helped plug some of these holes but we’ve still got a long ways to go.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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