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Genderqueer Attacks Whites With Racist ‘Art’ – Then A Court Delivers An Outrageous Verdict

Have you heard?

You know, that thing about the most oppressive, culturally appropriating, racist, misogynistic, terroristic, race of people on earth?

Of course, I’m talking about the evil white man.

Apparently, white folks are most vile group of people on the planet, practically responsible for all the ills suffered by mankind. At least, that’s what the left-wing media and academia have been saying for a while now.

It’s funny, too, how you can say any vile thing you want about a white person, but valid criticism of a minority can land you in hot water if you’re white.

Even more depressing is how Western nations are passing “hate speech” laws that only apply to things white people say about non-whites.

A prime example of this can be seen in South Africa, which is actually teetering on the edge of racial conflict.

As reported at the Independent Journal Review, a South African genderqueer artist and University of Cape Town student named Dean Hutton is causing outrage after creating a series of art aptly named “F**k White People.

This is the…thing who previously wore a suit with the phrase “F**K White People” all over it, who’s now incorporating that Da Vinci level art genius into a full-fledged exhibit with the same theme.

Speaking with a local news station in Cape Town, Hutton described the exhibit.

White people made racism and made sure it is deeply embedded in our social systems, laws, economies, institutions and individuals.

So this provocation is here to make you feel that ‘white pain’.

But one brave soul, Cape Party leader Jack Miller, whose party calls for the independence of the Western Cape, decided to fight fire with fire, accusing the art as being “racist” and taking Sutton to court.

However, Cape Town Magistrate’s Court has made a somewhat shocking ruling, saying the art doesn’t count at “hate speech.”

I wonder if the same ruling would occur if the “art” said “F**k Black People.” I think we all know the answer to that.

The court found that the words “white” and “people” were not referring to the race of white people, but a general system of oppression, or “white dominance.”

Interesting how not only can anything be said about whites where there are supposedly hate speech laws, but you can take it to another level and associate whites with an entire system of oppression.

Hutton made the most stereotypical left-wing statement imaginable in response to the ruling:

This judgment is a beacon in a perilous time where we are seeing a global rise of white nationalism. Brexit, Trump and the rise of fascism in Europe and other settler colonies.

Let’s make racists afraid again.”


It’s as if George Soros hand-delivers every leftist their talking points like Santa Claus. It’s pure concern-trolling when liberals pearl-clutch over the “nationalism” boogeyman.

How terrible it is that Western nations, built by white people, might be against the idea of mass immigration from the third world!!

People like Hutton are obviously a few fries short a Happy Meal, but their insane beliefs are spreading like the Black Plague. Their ideas are dangerous, as they sow division and foster racial animus.

We must oppose these irrational beliefs if we want to continue living peacefully in the US and the West.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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