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BOOM: Gingrich Goes To WAR…Trump's Smiling, Liberals Are FLIPPING OUT!

The news raging through the media in the past couple weeks has been all about what the far left describes as a disturbing trend toward “fake news” that appears as genuine, and fools readers and watchers.

In fact, this line of panic has been sold on numerous occasions to show how Donald Trump won – because, as the left argues, there’s no way the billionaire businessman could have beaten Hillary Clinton for the White House unless voters were being duped in some way.

Thus, the “fake news” argument.

Only trouble is, there are plenty on the sane side of the street who have case-in-point-after-point of example to show where these so-called reputable news agencies, like the New York Times, have actually been the outlets furthering false narratives. They’ve just done it against conservatives, so they don’t call it fake.

On a recent Fox News discussion, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich busted out some of these news outlets.

“Gingrich said of the New York Times, ‘I think if you look back through their coverage of the Trump campaign and the Clinton campaign – to use your language and not mine – they had a fair amount of conspiratorial BS,” Breitbart noted.

True enough. And Gingrich backed it was an example or two.

“The best example was the woman who repudiated the entire article and said that they took what was a totally positive pro-Trump view – ‘He was a nice man, I enjoyed the date’ – and they turned it into Trump hitting on me, acting inappropriately.”

And yet another example?

“Their coverage of Fidel Castro was totally fake,” Gingrich said. “Their coverage of Stalin in the ’30s was totally fake.”

Pot, meet kettle, it seems.

Source: Breitbart

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