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Look Who Hillary Just Blamed For Her Epic Loss – It’s Not What You Think…

In case you haven’t heard, last year’s presidential election loser has a book coming out at the end of the month.

It’s sure to be a bestseller, as it’s supposedly her account and view of the campaign season and why she was defeated.

Without knowing a thing about the book, it’s easy to imagine the things she’ll say, as like every other leftist, she’s entirely predictable.

She stayed in hiding for quite a while following Trump’s victory, but she’s already given folks a perfect synopsis of her book during various interviews over the last few months.

In short, her defeat was everyone’s fault except her own. You can blame the loss on everything but her.

This, despite the fact that even most Democrats say she was a terrible candidate and it was the party’s own fault for nominating her.

Now, according to the book, Hillary has a new culprit and chances are, you won’t be surprised…


There you have it, no need to torture yourself by reading it or buying it. It’ll be at every used bookstore and Goodwill in the country soon enough if you’re keen on defiling yourself.

As reported at the Daily Caller, excerpts of Clinton’s campaign memoir are starting to surface, and they exactly would you expect.

The major theme for the book is sexism, and how her being a woman is ultimately what cost her the election.

The book is laughingly titled “What Happened” and in it she “writes bluntly that sexism hampered her ability to reach voters effectively,” according to

In one excerpt, she asks:

What makes me such a lightning rod for fury? I’m really asking. I’m at a loss.

This comment alone tells me I made the correct choice in not voting for her because someone so lacking in self-awareness, or intentionally playing dumb like she’s doing, is an automatic disqualifier for the presidency.

But not content to to act like she doesn’t know reason, she gives readers her own idea:

I think it’s partly because I’m a woman.

Yes, yes, that’s it’s Hillary.

It has nothing to do with the decades of evidence of your moral bankruptcy, nor your indifference at the loss of life during Benghazi, or your family’s mafia-like “charity” that sells high level government access to line your pockets.

Nor was it your negligence and skirting of the law with your private email server, or you shamelessly blaming the “vast right-wing conspiracy” for one of the litany of Bill’s sexual improprieties.

Oh, then there’s your insane left-wing policies on top of all this.

Of course, Clinton doesn’t only blame sexism for her loss. She takes shots at socialist Bernie Sanders throughout the book, claiming that “Bernie Bros” were “harassing” her and her supporters online.

It got ugly and more than a little sexist,” she states. Back to the sexism claim.

She also says that Bernie’s attacks against her did significant damage heading into the general election, giving Trump much-needed ammunition to attack her with.

According to her, Sanders “paved the way” for Donald Trump’s attacks against her, like the “crooked” label, which apparently came from Sanders.

Throughout the primaries, every time I wanted to hit back against Bernie’s attacks, I was told to restrain myself,” Clinton writes.

Noting that his plans didn’t add up, that they would inevitably mean raising taxes on middle-class families, or that they were little more than a pipe-dream — all of this could be used to reinforce his argument that I wasn’t a true progressive.

My team kept reminding me that we didn’t want to alienate Bernie’s supporters. President Obama urged me to grit my teeth and lay off Bernie as much as I could. I felt like I was in a straitjacket.”

I thought Hillary was wearing her big-boy pantsuit on the campaign trail, but here she’s passive aggressively blaming Obama and her advisors for convincing her to shut her mouth.

Interesting, I would think that someone of her “caliber” and ego would do whatever they please and not be bossed around so easily.

Is she really that incapable of taking any ownership for her failures and inadequacies? Apparently, she is.

One huge issue that’s notably absent from the book is the FACT that she and the DNC colluded to rig the primary against Sanders.

The leaked DNC, Clinton, and Podesta emails prove beyond doubt that the Democratic Party was actively undermining Sanders and shilling for Hillary.

But that complete disregard for the democratic process didn’t warrant a mention, I guess.


Misogyny and sexism have been trotted out several times as explanations for Clinton’s embarrassing defeat, as Clinton herself has repeatedly stated, “I do think it played a role.”

Aren’t left-wing women the worst? Always victims of some society-wide conspiracy against them. It’s always the patriarchy’s fault for their failures.

How leftists can continue supporting Hillary at this point is beyond me. There’s simply no denying her decades of corruption and or how few sane people actually like her.

She was a terrible candidate from the start, and the only reason she had any shot at all was because of the unprecedented propaganda effort on behalf of the news media and Hollywood to get her elected.

On top of their constant shilling, they were simultaneously slandering Trump with one falsehood after another, which they continue to do today.

But at the end of the day, Trump is in the White House, not the serial criminal Clinton. That’s a win in and of itself.

The damage she would have done to the republic is unimaginable, as at the very least, the Supreme Court would have been lost for a generation. That would have been a kill-shot by itself.

Instead, we still have a conservative majority as the last bulwark against leftist tyranny. Things worked out pretty good for conservatives this time around.

Now we better keep the heat on the president and make sure he keeps all those lofty promises he made.

Why? Because we have to implement all the sane, rational policies we can while the GOP still has a grip on the reigns.

Source: Daily Caller

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