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Shock Report: Hillary’s Losing Campaign Cost Revealed…Even Donors Are Stunned!

Some Really Bad Decisions:

1. “Guitar groups are on their way out, Mr. Epstein.” Dick Rowe of Decca Records who passed up The Beatles.

2. “The Haunting (1999)” cost $80M to make and made $177M. Same year, “The Blair Witch Project” cost $60K to make and made $249M.

3. Hillary’s losing presidential campaign cost $1.2B. Trump’s winning presidential campaign cost just under $600M.

It is now official: Hillary is, perhaps, the losing-est presidential candidate in the history of the world. If you add her 2008 loss of $106M and the loss of the recount effort (through proxy Jill Stein) of $12M, we’re talking a cool $1,318,000,000.00 dollars! That’s a heck of a lot of zeros, huh?

New York Post:

“The president-elect, who confounded critics during the campaign by saying there was no need to raise or spend $1 billion or more, ended up making do with $600 million.

Clinton’s expensive machine tore through $131.8 million in just the final weeks, finishing with about $839,000 on hand as of Nov. 28.

Team Trump spent $94.5 million in the home stretch — from Oct. 20 to Nov. 28 — and had $7.6 million left.”

There is one thing for Hillary to be thankful for and that is the fact that Project Threaten Electors did not come directly out of her campaign slush fund. It is questionable whether or not Bob Creamer (who was paying homeless men, union thugs, and random passers-by to start fights at Trump rallies) was paid directly from the campaign or from a shadow organization funded through the Clinton Foundation. We’ll just give her the benefit of the doubt on that one.

“Last June, Trump shrugged off skeptics who said he needed to spend $1 billion to have a chance to win.

‘There’s no reason to raise that,’ Trump said.

‘I just don’t think I need nearly as much money as other people need because I get so much publicity. I get so many invitations to be on television. I get so many interviews, if I want them.’

Trump generates news just by walking down stairs and generates Wall Street rallies with a single Tweet. Truth be told, it’s quite possible that Trump would have won by spending exactly zero dollars.

Some would call it the “Art of the Deal.”

Source: New York Post

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