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Bombshell: Hillary’s INSANE New Career Revealed…Has She Lost Her Mind?!

OPENING: “What we wanted to do was to produce a show that was so addictive, so funny, and so gosh-darn down-to-Earth, that you couldn’t just go into the kitchen to make some popcorn. We wanted a show where you wouldn’t want to pause, ’cause the next thing out of her mouth was probably going to be HILLARious!”

…yeah, I know what you’re thinking.

Something along the lines of, “You have GOT to be kidding me,” right?

Hillary Clinton isn’t exactly a beloved figure, especially these days. Democrat donors are still furious over chucking an immense amount of money down the drain, thanks to Clinton’s losing election bid.

And then there’s the never-ending email scandal investigation, though it seems abundantly clear now that Hillary absolutely belongs in jail.

Ah, but maybe all of this would make for excellent TV material.

Tabloid writer/gossip columnist Ed Klein decided to throw a little spitball out there into the news universe to see who would bite on his utterly absurd idea of the future of the ex-Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, getting her own television show.


“I think this is just Klein testing his media reach. He came up with most outlandish, head-scratching bit of Hillary gossip he could find, put it in a bottle, and tossed it out into the big-news ocean to see where it would end up. Made it to Fox News and the Daily Mail!

‘She’s been talking very seriously about the idea of having her own television show,’ said the source. ‘As a TV host, she’d discuss the issues of the day from a progressive point of view, have top guests, interview world leaders and progressive thinkers.’

‘It would have to be a show that she and her people completely controlled,’ the source continued. ‘She’s convinced she’d get fabulous ratings in a political climate where there’s so much anger in Democratic circles over Donald Trump’s election.'”

Well, her supporters are still shrieking about Trump “stealing” the election, so maybe those people will watch.

For me, personally, you already know what I’d call this show:


My vision of the show would follow the same setup as a reality show about any random b-list celebrity whose every moment is filmed.

There’d be a confessional where Bill could run and lock himself into to complain about her “*itchiness” or there could be moments when she’s complaining about how the toilet’s backed up again. Oh, what fun times!

Then, every show would end with her epilogue; her voiceover of a moral for the day that was just filmed. The images would be of her sharing some Funyuns with Huma in front of a 70″ screen as they watch another round of romantic comedies with Sandra Bullock.

Yep, that’s my version…

I think MTV might pick it up!

Source: HotAir, Fox News

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