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Hillary Clinton Emerges As A Model, Then Everyone On Earth Instantly Goes Blind

If you remember the now-infamous seizure and collapse of Hillary Clinton last September 11th, you may have one question:

“Whatever happened to that shoe she lost in her collapse that was subsequently picked up by her security entourage before she was rushed to the hospital?”

That, unfortunately, remains a mystery. Almost as mysterious as how Hillary Clinton made #6 on the list of the Planet Earth’s Most Gorgeous Women!

When Katy Perry heard about that fateful day a little more than a year ago, she may have thought to herself-

“How can I, a Party of the Jackass zealot, short on foresight and ample in bosom, help poor Pneumonia-stricken Mrs. Rodham-Clinton locate her lost shoe?”

Then it hit her!

“O-M-G! I’ve got my own line of shoes! I could design a special pair of pumps called ‘The Hillary!'” Pair it with that hideous leather outfit and we’ve got a bona fide winner!

Conservative Tribune:

“Perry was a major celebrity supporter of Clinton during the 2016 election, a good enough reason not to vote for her if you ever needed one.

The “Roar” singer has a line of shoes, which seems absurd for a musician until you realize she can’t be any more irritating in patent leather than she is in mp3 format.

So, Perry named a pair of shoes after the former first lady, secretary of state and homebrew server aficionado. Not only that, she actually convinced Hillary to model them on Instagram.

Hilariously enough, one of the comments alongside the photo says that the shoes should be called, “Got Stomped by Trump Pumps!”

So, with Hillary safely back in stylish footwear and on her feet unaided, there are a few questions that are beginning to form anew.

One is whether or not Hillary required Katy Perry to donate to the Clinton Family Crime Foundation before she agreed to pose in the shoes.

Secondly, did Bill know that Perry was anywhere within a 500-mile radius of his wife and, if so, did he ask for a proper introduction? If so, Perry might want to talk to Juanita Broaddrick.

So, what’s next, Hillary? Wigs by Kathy Griffin?

Source: Conservative Tribune

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