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Hillary Has 1 Savage Message For All Women Who Didn’t Vote For Her

Wouldn’t it be nice if Hillary would just to go away?

Instead, she is using her book tour to run for the title of most bitter and annoying woman in America.

While she has plenty of competition, it’s a title she clearly deserves. And what this book tour has demonstrated is something we’ve pounded the table about throughout her miserable campaign:

Her campaign was not about building America or improving American’s lives. It was first and foremost about Hillary and her ego gratification.

With nothing to campaign for, she can finally be at least marginally transparent, and what we see is nauseating.

She is completely self-focused with her feigned interest in others being nothing but rehearsed acts of fraud.

She has now taken her arrogance to an even higher level:

Showing nothing but contempt for women who did not vote for her, she has announced that she will not pronounce “absolution” for what they did.

In so doing, she has aped a theological term in order to claim that those women who chose not to vote for her have committed the unforgivable sin, politically speaking.

And she will not forgive them.

Via Breitbart:

“Hillary Clinton, in her campaign post-mortem released Tuesday, tore into women who didn’t vote for her failed presidential candidacy in November and regretted it, saying ‘these people were looking for absolution that I just couldn’t give.

“Clinton’s book, What Happened, is an angry account of how she lost to President Trump in November.

Among the multitude of people/countries/events she blames for her defeat are young women who didn’t vote for her.

This comes as no surprise. Hillary is a perpetually angry person, convinced of her perhaps divine right to rule the United States.

It was unjustly stolen from her by the failure of women, predominantly younger white women, to vote for her. In fact, she did not win a majority of white women regardless of their age.

She gives every indication of someone who cannot come to terms with that. And she probably hates them for not voting for her.


She cannot admit that her loss had anything to do with any shortcomings or failures on her part; the entire debacle (from her perspective) was due to the failings of others.

If this isn’t narcissism gone wild, what is?

If she ever had a time to be in the political spotlight, that time is over. She needs to retire from public life, but her ego will probably prevent her from doing so.

We have what could be an excellent byline for her book, “What Happened?” It would go something like this:

“A story of how America was saved from Hillary Clinton.”

Source: Breitbart

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