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Just In: Hillary Asked 1 Burning Question – Her Answer Shocks Every Liberal In America

On Sunday, America was visited by a glorious miracle.

After decades of suffering under the yoke of her incompetence and greed, we may finally be rid of one of the most corrupt and destructive politicians in history.

Not only is she absolutely a criminal, but she has haunted Americans with the possibility that she might attain a position of supreme power.

And ever since she lost to Donald Trump, many have been worried that she’ll toss her crooked hat into the ring once more for the 2020 run.

But wait, a light breaks!

The twice failed presidential candidate and queen of selling out the US to line her pockets has proclaimed her intention to ride off into the sunset–sort of.

As reported at Breitbart, Sunday on “CBS This Morning,” former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said she would never run for office again.

Clinton said:

I am done with being a candidate but I am not done with politics because I literally believe that our country’s future is at stake.

While it’s unsurprising that she’s still planning on staying engaged in politics, it’s still a joyous occasion to hear that she’s done seeking elected office.

She has defiled our nation’s institutions for long enough, and it’s far past time for her to crawl back into the hole she slithered out of.

It’s certainly great news, but the reality is that she can probably exercise as much influence outside of office than any position she could get at this point.

However, with her hundreds of millions earned from selling out America and her deluge of connections and sycophantic followers, her power still threatens the nation.

Like Obama, it’s likely she’ll try her hand at being a puppet master, along the likes of the king of kings, George Soros.

We have a reality show that leads to the election of a president,” she said of the campaign.

He ends up in the Oval Office. He says, ‘Boy, it’s so much harder than I thought it would be. This is really tough. I had no idea.’

Well, yeah, because it’s not a show. It’s real,” Clinton added during her CBS interview.

Clinton’s back in the spotlight thanks to her shilling of her new book, which supposedly explains how she lost to Trump.

“What Happened” is the title, but unlike Hillary, I don’t think any of us really need an explanation from the likes of her. We know exactly what happened:

A crooked, unqualified crone lost the election because enough people saw through the dishonest myth the media’s built up around her.

Now it’s time for her to take a hint and bow out “gracefully” while she still can.

Source: Breitbart

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