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Shameful: Hillary Supporters Go On Pathetic Rampage, Say Election Was “Stolen” By…

Once again, the mainstream media is doing its best to help the Democrats at the expense of the Republicans – help Hillary Clinton at the expense of Donald Trump.

But wait a minute, you say – the election’s over and Trump won, so how could the media be helping Clinton at all?

That’s easy: By tearing down Trump’s administration before it even begins and by making it seem like his win wasn’t real. Better yet, let’s not say Hillary had anything to do with her own demise and find anyone – and anything – else to blame.

Now they’re flat-out saying the election was “stolen,” which is just beyond pathetic. But here’s the reality of the situation, from Breitbart; click the link to see the whiners talk about their “nightmare.” And here’s a snippet from the article:

“CNN interviewed a group of Hillary Clinton supporters about the election and why they believe their candidate lost. [One[ supporter, a co-founder of Executive Women for Hillary, blamed Russia’s alleged hacks, saying, ‘This election was stolen from the American people by Russia.'”


Seriously, where do they get these people? They’re actually saying these things on TV? This doesn’t strike them as one gigantic bunch of sour grapes, which the entire country can see? This is…transparently sad.

Once again, for the Democrats in the room: There is no evidence that Russia hacked the election and skewed results in Trump’s favor. None. Zero. Zilch. Grasping at straws will get you nowhere because, in point of fact, Donald Trump is the new president. It’s over.

But they just can’t stop; this, from another Clinton supporter:

The media had a tremendous love affair with the circus of Donald Trump,” Breitbart reported.

So that’s why he won – because the media covered Trump as if he were a circus act?

Interesting theory.

Source: Breitbart

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