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BOMBSHELL: Hillary Supporters CRUSHED, Massive Lies Exposed…Liberals Are Furious!

The liberals continue to get absolutely destroyed by the opposition.

The latest cheer-worthy beatdown comes courtesy of Trey Gowdy, who just loves putting the democrats in their proper places…which is to say, he likes reminding them of their blatant hypocrisy and horrid strongarm tactics of the past decade.

In a new video, Gowdy single-handedly wrecks the liberals at MSNBC, attacking stupid questions about the latest news concerning Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, and firing back when asked about the Harry Reid letter.

The result is absolutely priceless.

Honestly, they deserved it. The democrat attempt to undermine President-elect Donald Trump at every turn is becoming pitiful, and it’s absolutely comical how far left the media has swung. Trump was entirely correct in calling out the obvious liberal slant at places like CNN; it has become so toxic, it just needs to stop.

And the more they take on guys like Gowdy, the more their foolishness will be exposed.

…not that conservatives are complaining. They just grab more popcorn.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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