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Hillary Supporters Broke Every Damn Voting Law In America, And This Hidden Cam Footage Proves It

Remember, voter fraud doesn’t exist.

There’s absolutely no need to beef up security and ensure that the votes are legitimate. Wanting greater election integrity makes you a bigot, because you just want to deprive the poor and minorities the ability to vote.

Or so the media’s narrative on the issue goes.

This is the crap the Left spouts when it comes to voting; that is, unless they lose an election they expected to win thanks to their rigging.

The primary reason the Left tries so hard to let anyone vote is because fraud is a valuable asset in their electoral arsenal. There’s no telling how the map might look if IDs were required or greater care was taken.

This is why they freak out over any attempts to fix our voting system. But while they claim nothing is wrong and no fraud exists, behind closed doors they practically hold seminars on how to fraudulently vote.

As reported at Yes I’m Right, thanks to the undercover work by the conservative activist group, Project Veritas, we’re occasionally treated to secret video footage of leftists bragging about illegal activity.

Ahead of the presidential election, several liberals were caught talking about how corrupt the system is and how they plan to cheat it.

In one of the videos NYC Democratic Commissioner of the Board of Elections Alan Schulkin is caught on hidden camera at a United Federation of Teachers holiday party admitting that there is widespread voter fraud in New York City.

Yeah, they should ask for your ID. I think there is a lot of voter fraud,” said Schulkin, who elaborated on the types of voter fraud that are taking place in New York.

You know, I don’t think it’s too much to ask somebody to show some kind of an ID…Like I say, people don’t realize, certain neighborhoods in particular they bus people around to vote,” said Schulman.

Another video shows a woman named Susan Berman, a PR strategist from California, holding a clipboard with an image of Donald Trump crossed out underneath the words, “Stand Up To Trump! – Register to Vote”. The “register to vote” text also appears in Spanish.

“I’m working for the Democratic Party,” she states as the man shooting the video attempts to take pro-Hillary campaign material from Berman.

She then immediately makes a dash for her car while denying that she is carrying pro-Clinton material.

This is in Las Vegas, people, it’s supposed to be non-partisan….you can’t put anti-Donald Trump stuff on the back,” states the man as Berman frantically searches for her car keys.

The man vows to “fill out paperwork with the state,” as the woman drives away before responding, “good luck with that.”

Voter registration is supposed to be nonpartisan, but instances like this are all too common, as left-wing activists routinely break the law by pushing people to register so they can vote for their preferred candidate.

The footage clearly shows Berman breaking the law, but nothing came of it.

Project Veritas and other groups have caught acts like this on video countless times, but the media always buries the stories, calling them outliers. But it’s hard to call fraud an outlier when the commissioner of NYC is admitting it’s a problem.

>We need stricter voting rules in place to prevent the Left from stealing elections at all levels. Plain and simple.

hey’ve already flooded the nation with illegals to help their cause, so the least Republicans could do is push harder to protect the integrity of our votes.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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