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Hurricane Reporter Spots American Flag On The Ground – What He Does Next Instantly Goes Viral

While there’s a ton of political drama going on right now, there’s a far more important and serious crisis unfolding in the United States.

The massive Hurricane Harvey has torn through southern Texas, leaving incredible devastation in its wake.

Thousands of people are without power and access to food and clean water, and floodwaters have reached unprecedented heights.

Volunteers from across the nation have descended upon Houston and the surrounding area to help those affected by the storm, and needless to say, they’ve got their work cut out for them.

While there’s a wealth of tragedy and suffering going on, the actions of one reporter covering the incident will make you feel proud to be an American.

As reported at the Independent Journal Review, the Weather Channel’s reporter Paul Goodloe discovered an American flag lying soaked on the ground while walking around a devastated neighborhood.

Goodloe has seen his share of scenes like the one he was covering, as he’s a veteran meteorologist that’s covered tons of hurricanes and extreme weather events.

But after seeing the flag amongst the rubble, he sprung to action.

After spotting the flag he said to the camera, “I’m gonna have to pick that up, I can’t let Old Glory just stay there like that.

He walked straight over and picked it up and told his cameraman:

We got to fold this up.

Goodloe and one of his team members then shook the debris off the flag and folded it up into a neat triangle.

Goodloe said we have to “make sure this isn’t a casualty to Hurricane Harvey.

After folding the American flag up Goodloe proudly stated to the camera, “Definitely a rescue from Hurricane Harvey here in Rockport.”

It may seem like a little and innocuous thing, but Goodloe’s actions can be a source of inspiration for those suffering.

It’s a tiny example of resolve in a seemingly hopeless situation. It’s not about politics or anything of the sort.

Just one man doing a good deed in the heat of the moment…something we could use a lot more of in this country.

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