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Two huge illegal alien bills just passed – Is this a MASSIVE win for America?

You’ve probably heard by now, but the U.S. just struck a huge blow for American security and stability.

The House GOP has officially passed two bills that liberals loathe and true Patriots absolutely adore.

Basically, it means we’ll be handing down stiffer prison sentences for illegals who continue to break deportation laws, and sanctuary cities will also suffer. Great news on both counts.

It looks like President Donald Trump is already making good on one of his biggest promises, but is it enough?

He’s obviously on the right track but how much more must be done? Perhaps the wall really needs to be built, because legislation will only go so far.

Don’t forget also that this legislation must actually be enforced, which could prove to be another stumbling block given the uber-liberal court system.

But in the end, this has to count as a big win for President Trump and all of America. Wouldn’t you agree?



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