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Illegal Alien Says The Dumbest Thing Ever – Then Tucker Takes Him To School

There isn’t a huge difference between dreaming and demanding.

…especially if you can find enough people with an entitlement mentality and a group that can benefit from giving you what you want.

Hook these elements up and you can empower yet another group to benefit the left; it’s not like it would be the first time this happened.

And it’s happening again.

The Dreamers have generated a great deal of interest during our acrimonious debate on illegal immigration.

These are the people who were brought to the U.S. illegally while they were children, and who have grown up in the U.S.

The issue is what is to be done with them? Deport them, since they are illegals? Offer them citizenship under certain conditions? Keep them in limbo?

While they might generate sympathy for being in a situation they couldn’t initially control, some have come to the conclusion that they already are U.S. citizens, or at least that they can act as such.

It’s when these Dreamers start making demands without showing any gratitude for benefits they have enjoyed in the U.S. that the sympathy fades away.

Tucker Carlson of Fox News took on one such Dreamer and schooled him in basic U.S. politics.

Via BizPacReview:

Tucker Carlson slammed the ‘lack of gratitude’ from undocumented immigrants and DACA recipients who are getting a ‘good deal’ living in the U.S. and said they have ‘no right’ to be making demands.

“The Fox News host commented on video of protesters who disrupted a press conference by Rep. Nancy Pelosi on Monday, angry that she is working with President Trump to save the ‘Dreamers,’ recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, from deportation.

“‘What I find so striking about that video,’ said on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ Monday, ‘is the lack of gratitude and the hostility from people who are really getting a pretty good deal from the United States.’


Carlson attempted to get his guest to clarify his position and when Mr. Ceja did and claimed that he and other Dreamers would hold politicians who did not support their interests to account, he got an education.

“Ceja expalined that some illegal immigrants who came to the country as children are taxpayers who ‘take great part in their community,’ and elected officials are supposed to represent them even though they are unable to vote for them.”

And that’s when Mr. Ceja got reality explained to him.

‘The U.S. government exists to serve the needs and protect the needs of U.S. citizens. It does not exist to protect the needs of non-U.S. citizens.

Do you see the distinction?’ he asked. ‘I think all countries are that way. All of them.

“He pointed out that, though he sympathized with DACA recipients, their demands for respect, benefits and a political voice would be dismissed in any other country.”

Dreamers are not U.S. citizens, they have no voice or vote in our government. They do not enjoy the rights of U.S. citizens. They only deserve to be treated with the dignity that is due every human.

And if they start making too many demands, perhaps they do need to be deported to their countries of origin where they can continue their protests.

Source: BizPac Review

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