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WHAT? Illegal Aliens Suing The Government For Making Them WORK?

Wait…illegal aliens have the right to sue? Since when?

Leave it to the activist court of Aurora, Colorado to unilaterally decide that it would just LOVE to shut down a detention center for illegal aliens in their district by suing them out of existence!

Activist courts and judges are the norm these days, rather than the exception to the rule.

Take, for instance, the judge in Hawaii that decided his vast experience in national security far outweighed the State Department, so he blocked President Trump’s immigration ban.

In the annals of court cases involving illegal aliens, it is quite a shock when the federal government itself is being told by a Liberal activist judge that it is trafficking in human beings and forcing slave-labor on these criminals.

Remember when they sued for driver’s licenses? Right here:

Now these criminals are suing AGAIN. Well, it stands to reason, right? Some of them get free legal defense at American taxpayer expense, so why shouldn’t they be able to sue, too?



“The lead plaintiff in the lawsuit, Alejandro Menocal, stayed in the facility for three months while he was facing deportation. He said, ‘It’s their job to run the facility, and instead they used and abused us to run the facility, and that’s why we’re suing.’

Lawyers for the defendant says no other court has ever recognized trafficking or unjust enrichment claims for cleaning bathrooms, serving meals, doing laundry, and performing other housekeeping duties.”

Despite the fact that the detention center, managed by GEO Group, Inc., falls directly under the jurisdiction of the federal government, DHS, and ICE, the courts decided AGAINST the management group, stating that they are “enriching” themselves by short-changing the CRIMINAL aliens for their forced labor.


This is just beyond stupid. The facts are straightforward:

Under federal law, ICE through GEO Group, Inc., pays the detained criminals $1 a day for their household chores.

This is an established Congressionally-written law that has been on the books since the 1980s. And oh by the way, these are CRIMINALS. Do we have to keep repeating that?

Yet, the Liberal judge in this case ruled on the side of the criminal detainees and allowed this case to go forward as a class action lawsuit.

Remember that woman who got caught letting convicted felons vote in the November election? Maybe she should sue for wrongful arrest or some dumb nonsense.

Not surprisingly, CNN and MSNBC have mentioned nothing about this story. Go figure…

Source: Breitbart

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