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Illegal ‘DREAMers’ Don’t Hurt Americans? Here’s The Truth Liberals Don’t Want You To See

While the immigration issue had been on the back-burner the last few months, it’s come back with a vengeance with Trump’s announcement to end the DACA program.

It’s riled up the Left, causing blue cities and states to file lawsuits against the government, claiming it’s a constitutional violation because it’s targeting people based on national origin.

It goes without saying they’re very upset about this, as those that qualify for DACA are the most cherished of all illegals, the DREAMers if you will.

Even if most are relatively law-abiding, there are still plenty of bad apples, though leftists believe they can’t possibly exist.

Or if they do exist, they don’t cause a big enough problem to matter. Well, tell that to a parent who lost his child.

As reported at Breitbart, the father of a Florida woman murdered outside a bar in Naples, Florida has revealed that the man who shot his daughter was a convicted illegal alien protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

In a piece by radio host Howie Carr, he talks about a saddening phone call he received from a man whose daughter was murdered by one of these beloved DACA recipients.

He writes, “I got a call Friday from a man on the Cape named Curt. He wanted to tell me his own family’s experience with a “dreamer” in Florida last January.

“He murdered my daughter outside a bar in Naples,” Curt said. “They said he was a ‘Dreamer.’ She was 24. What about my daughter’s dreams?

And her daughter’s – she left a 2-year-old girl. If you’re an American murdered by one of these people, I guess you don’t get to dream.

Curt is the father of Kelsey Engelsen, the 24-year-old woman who was murdered outside the bar by DACA recipient and convicted felon Carlos Ruben Rodriguez, also 24-years-old.

As previously reported by FOX 4 Now, Rodriguez has been charged with second-degree murder following the incident where he and another man were allegedly in a fight at the bar.

Witnesses say that’s when Rodriguez began wildly shooting, hitting Engelsen and wounding another woman.

From what I heard, there was an argument outside, a fight between two guys – him and another guy,” Engelsen’s boyfriend told the media following Kelsey’s murder.

He pulled out his gun and started spraying bullets,” the boyfriend said. “One caught Kelsey right in the side, killed her.”


While the Left paints DACA recipients as kids that had no say in coming to the US and that they’re all properly background-checked and screened, the reality is far different.

The average age for DACA recipients is 22, and according to Breitbart, only .02 percent of applicants are ever interviewed by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

As Curt pointed out, what about the dreams of American kids? Those that are hungry, impoverished, stuck in awful schools and neighborhoods?

Are they less important than the illegal, non-citizens? It would seem so based on the Left’s attitude and actions.

The reason why they’re so in love with illegals? Two things: Votes and power. That’s the source of their “concern.”

Sources: Breitbart, FOX 4 Now

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