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Breaking: COLOSSAL Immigration Bombshell Explodes…America, This Is A Warning!

Over the weekend, we relayed the not-so-stunning report that yes, some of those Syrian refugees are “definitely” terrorists.

That’s terrifying enough.

But in fact, it’s not just the danger these people present to other countries; it’s also the financial struggles countries with open borders continue to face. These immigrants are costing everyone a FORTUNE.

Remember when that Swedish detective spilled the beans about who authorities have been mostly arresting in recent years? And remember the list of names associated with the recent welfare scandal in Baltimore?

What’s all this tell you?

Muslim, Syrian, Mexican, whatever; these people are causing massive problems on more than one level. And a recent report found at National Economics Editorial drives the point home with an iron fist:

Sweden’s 318,000 “Syrian” refugees, or migrants, will cost the country a bare minimum of $32.7 billion USD in 2017.

That’s 33% of Sweden’s central government’s annual budget, and 5.5% of their GDP—imagine if the US spent $1 trillion on refugees, same proportions.

That’s just over $102,000 per refugee per year.  For reference, the average annual income in Sweden is $41,000 a year.

Of this, $8.7 billion are the hidden costs of the migrant crime epidemic—which the government refuses to publicize.

Furthermore, migrants are not contributing to Sweden’s economy—of those refugees that came in 2015, only 500 have jobs.

Now, Sweden has deliberately hid the true costs of this crisis for years; if they didn’t hide it, citizens would likely go berzerk. And they’d have every right to go berzerk, wouldn’t you agree?

Overall, if you consider the total costs of these migrants, Sweden will have to shell out at least $22.46 billion in 2017 alone. How’s that feel, open-border proponents and socialist fans?

And let’s not gloss over the fact that almost NONE of these refugees actually have jobs. When only 500 of the 163,000 migrants that arrived in 2015 are gamefully employed, something is horribly, horribly wrong.

Or, rather, it’s not “wrong,” merely the perfect example of how the inevitable failure that is socialism works, and why “give everyone everything for nothing” is not only backwards, but ultimately a death knell for any civilization.

Toss in some outrageously insane immigration policies and you’ve got a recipe for absolute disaster.

Take note, America. Thankfully, we’re certain President Donald Trump is looking at this and going, “yep, that’s EXACTLY what I’ve been screaming about.”

Source: National Economics Editorial

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