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ISIS Convoy Is On The Move – Seconds Later, 200 Murderers Go Up In Flames

Just sorting out the shifting and conflicting alliances in the Syrian conflict is tiring enough.

Trying to predict an end-point solution is close to impossible, especially for those of us who don’t have access to classified intelligence.

Note the choice not to use the word “war.” It’s not entirely certain this mess in Syria is organized enough to even be called a war.

But Russia and the U.S. at least agree that ISIS is a common enemy in Syria, which is why terrorists have to tread carefully. You never know which force is waiting to blow you to kingdom come…

And when it comes to eliminating evil from the face of the earth, do we really care which side does the eliminating?

Whatever the positions of the various actors are, elements of ISIS just got crushed by an enormous bombing attack by the Russians. That’s one thing we know for sure.

It was a devastating blow to ISIS and demonstrates that Russia intends to be fully engaged in this conflict until it reaches its conclusion, whatever that might look like.

Via Conservative Tribune:

“According to Al-Masdar News, the bombing was part of what many are calling the last stand of the Islamic State group, which has seen strongholds like Raqqa and Mosul decimated by both U.S.-allied and Russian forces.

As the convoy rolled out to help aid in the last stand, 200 of the Islamic State group’s number were sent packing to Allah, courtesy of some fireballs delivered from above.

“‘Syrian government forces supported by Russian Aerospace Forces are swiftly pushing from three directions towards Deir ez-Zor at the moment.

The foothold around the city is the last stronghold of terrorists on Syrian soil,’ Russian Gen. Sergey Rudskoy told reporters on Monday.

‘The remaining (terrorist) forces are heading there. According to our data, militants from Mosul (in Iraq) moved there and the most battle-ready units from Raqqa.”

Here’s the video. To say that ISIS just had a bad day is an extreme understatement.

In addition to the 200 Islamic State group terrorists reported killed, 20 gun trucks and a number of armored military vehicles — including tanks — were destroyed in the strike.

“In the past few months, we’ve seen the Islamic State group’s ‘caliphate,’ which once spanned a wide swath of the Middle East, reduced to a few strongholds that are quickly crumbling under the weight of allied forces.”

There has been much speculation about what might be covert relationships between the US and ISIS in other parts of the Middle East. This is still speculation, and probably will remain just that.

What is clear, however, is that if Russia and the US decide they have had enough of ISIS and join forces against that terrorist group, you can stick a fork in ISIS – it’s DONE.

Clearly, the US could accomplish this without anyone’s help. Since the Syrian problem is not at all simple, however, expect there to be much talk of coalitions and their goals.

Such political machinations notwithstanding, the elimination of a sizeable part of a group as vicious and tyrannical as ISIS is a victory for civilized persons everywhere, regardless of who gets the credit.

Evil must be destroyed and freedom must reign!

Source: Conservative Tribune

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