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The Truth About Islam Exposed With 5 Brutal Words – Now Muslims Are Raging

One of the great myths plaguing the world is the idea that Muslims are oppressed and mistreated.

The reason a lot of people fall for this blatant lie is because of the pervasive propaganda that’s constantly filling our airwaves thanks to the Left.

No matter how many terror attacks occur in the West, or how radical the beliefs of Muslim immigrants, they’re always apologized for and protected.

It’s always someone else’s fault and when one of them acts on their hatred, we’re told it was just an isolated incident, a lone wolf that doesn’t speak for the rest of them.

However, whenever someone even vaguely conservative commits a crime or does something questionable, it’s used to tar and feather us as a whole.

The double standard is stunning, but such hypocrisy is par for the course when we’re talking about the Left.

Still, while liberals are indeed the Praetorian Guards for Muslims everywhere, every now and then one of their own speaks the truth about Islam. …and then everyone REALLY flips out.

As reported at Breitbart, on a recent episode of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, his guest, infamous atheist Richard Dawkins, argued that Muslim’s aren’t the ones being oppressed, instead, they’re being oppressed by their own religion.

Obviously, such a statement was met with stunned reactions by Maher’s other left-wing guests, but Dawkins has a long history of criticizing Islam so they shouldn’t have been surprised.

Dawkins’ comments came during a discussion about both Maher and Dawkins being disinvited from speaking at the radical UC Berkeley due to their critical comments of Islam over the years.

Dawkins said that there’s “an epidemic that’s going on of people running scared from open speech,” and terrified of things that might be offensive.

He added:

I think that this radio station and these universities, they are on our side. We’re on their side. Now, I was de-platformed specifically because of what I was alleged to have said about Islam.

I think that the reason they did it was probably a laudable motive, they are on the side of oppressed minorities.

They think that Muslims are an oppressed minority, oppressed by people like us. Actually, of course, Muslims are oppressed by Islam.

He then argued that Muslims who don’t oppress women or gay people are being persecuted by those who do and “That’s where the persecution comes from.”

Maher added that “criticism of a religion is not the same thing as bigotry.”

While it’s nice for both of these guys to admit such a thing, these two often trash Christianity far more than Islam. Moreover, they still often shill for Islam, on issues like the common sense immigration ban from radical Islamic countries.

But their comments on this episode were certainly on point.

Islam is doing the oppressing, not the other way around. If any religion deserves criticism it’s Islam, as it’s guilty of all the sins/crimes that the Left constantly accuses Christianity of.

This is the harsh truth nobody seems to want to face.

Source: Breitbart

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