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Jesse Watters Drops 1 Mammoth Truth Bomb On Liberals Who Want To Destroy U.S. History

Name a nation or a culture that is or was perfect.

Cannot be done. Any stretch of history contains both the noble and the treacherous. The saints and the sinners.

Perfection is not to be found on this Earth. History, to the degree that it is accurate and free of corruption, testifies to this fact.

So, if you want to change people’s perception of individuals and groups that have existed throughout history, you have to change the books as well as anything else that testifies to the record of history you wish to modify.

This would include monuments and statues.

As a result, it comes as no surprise that the left is attacking all things Confederate. The idea that states can, for whatever reason, choose to leave the Union must be destroyed.

The War Between the States must be seen first and foremost as a war against black slavery, regardless of the degree of truth or falsehood attached to that idea.

So, attacking anything connected to the Confederacy is an imperative and especially so since history shows that Democrats were slave holders.

This fact of history must be destroyed by the left.

From Breitbart:

“Fox News Channel’s ‘Watters’ World’ host Jesse Watters delivered a monologue Saturday on the push to remove Confederate statues.

He suggested the left wants the monuments removed to erase from history the fact that Democratic Party enslaved black people.

“‘Destroying any historical monument is what the Taliban does, not American citizens,’ Watters stated.

‘All of these Confederate war heroes were Democrats. Democrats were the party of slavery.

Maybe the left wants to tear down the statues, so the country forgets the Democratic Party enslaved black people.'”

This is an incredible observation, full of truth, and made even more amazing by the amount of truth packed into such a succinct statement.

Just goes to show that great ideas do not require lengthy exposition. Often the opposite is true.

Democrats were slave holders. Democrats were leaders of the Confederacy.

If you are going to attack those who led the Confederacy as well as slaveholders, you must attack the Democratic Party of that era.


Current Democrats are more interested in pushing identity politics than pursuing the truth. Hence, they must destroy all evidence of the support their political forefathers gave to slavery.

Therefore, all Confederate monuments must be destroyed lest people put two and two together and wonder how the Democrats of today are able to distance themselves from their history.

Can the books be far behind?

The ironic thing is that by taking these actions, the Democrats will now be placing themselves in league with groups like the Taliban, and other oppressive groups of history.

It’s a problem you have when you try to bury the truth.

Source: Breitbart

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