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KARMA – Secret Service Agent TURNS On Obama, Exposes The SHOCKING Truth!

When a guy who once protected your life turns on you, you know you’ve done something wrong.

First, we get an NSA whistleblower who reveals that President Donald Trump is “absolutely right” to say he was being wiretapped. That set off plenty of fireworks right there.

Then other government officials start coming out of the woodwork, basically telling everyone that in point of fact, they wouldn’t be surprised if Trump Tower had been bugged. Heck, some say they expected it.

The worst may be yet to come for Barack Obama. He could very well be the first former U.S. president to face felony charges in federal court, which would send shockwaves through the Democratic Party.

Now, here comes former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino, who served under both President George W. Bush and Obama, and he sheds some new light on this whole fiasco.

Via Western Journalism:

If Trump is accurate, and he was being wiretapped, I sincerely doubt he walked into the FBI and said, ‘Tell me about me being wiretapped,’ Bongino said in a Facebook Live video over the weekend.

‘That’s illogical, ridiculous. He would be causing all sorts of problems for himself.

“The Secret Service does ECM sweeps, electronic countermeasures, where they go in frequently and look for listening devices, radio frequencies, all kinds of things to make sure the president or president-elect is not being, in fact, wiretapped or listened in on on specific phone lines.’

Bongino believes the Secret Service “may have discovered something” during one of their regular sweeps, and then told Trump. But of course, the media doesn’t like this story because it doesn’t paint our commander-in-chief as a raving loon.

But wait, more is to come: Not only does Bongino basically say Trump is correct, he also claims to have more facts on the situation, and he’s going to unload them very, very soon.

In the end, he says:

#ObamaGate is going to blow wide open this week.

At this point, we have just one question to ask: What crime DIDN’T Obama commit when he was in office?

It wasn’t enough that he stole an untold amount of money from American taxpayers to fund his dirty uber-liberal pet projects? He had to go spy on Trump, too? And who ELSE did he spy on?

Yes, America demands answers, Barack.

Source: Western Journalism, Dan Bongino Twitter

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