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Bombshell: Leaked FBI Report Explodes…They Finally Admit Hillary Belongs In JAIL!

…and throw away the damn key! It’s just scandal after scandal with this witch.

Hillary Clinton, for months on the campaign trail, faced accusation after accusation about her scandal-ridden past, from Benghazi to her home-based email server system, and insistence from those in her political enemy camp she belonged in jail.

And count Donald Trump among that crowd.

Remember when Trump made that remark heard around the world, that if he had been in the White House during Clinton’s time in office that she would have been sent to jail – the whole do not collect $200, head straight to jail, jail?

Right. Well, it was around that time the FBI published a report saying Clinton definitely mishandled sensitive information in her home-based email server, and that information could certainly have been a compromise to America’s national security, but that punitive measures weren’t necessary or recommended.

Thing is, the FBI’s never really stopped investigating her.

WikiLeaks found some incriminating documents that pretty much show “the FBI admitting that Clinton was aware that she was breaking the law and lied to the American public,” Yes I’m Right reported.

So why did she skate?

One reason: Democrats.

Democrats were in charge of the decision on whether or not to indict Clinton. And they voted “no” on that point.

Just think: If this had been Jane Q. Public facing the same seriousness of charges as Clinton, we all know where Ms. Public would have spent her Christmas, and where she’d be spending her next 20 or so Christmases. That’s right, behind bars.

Donald Trump’s mantra about draining the swamp known as Washington, D.C., may be trite in some people’s minds, but his message sings loud. The fact is, those in D.C., those who hold the political power in America, aren’t treated to the same level of law enforcement as the rest of peon USA. No, there’s a special treatment that’s afforded some, not others.

And the Clinton family is definitely part of that first group.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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