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LEAKED: President Trump Drops Colossal A-Bomb On EPA…Liberals Are Freaking Out!

The targets are clear.

And President Donald Trump is zooming in right now.

He has already signed a few executive orders that will help get this beleaguered country back on track, and this includes putting a TOTAL freeze on pending regulations so we can actually start to make some headway.

Further, Obamacare is a huge part of the former president’s legacy but it seems Trump won’t let it last for very long; one of his most explosive executive orders was signed in the first 24 hours. Yeah, this guy is serious.

Know what else he’s serious about? Stopping the utter insanity of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), which has admittedly spiraled out of control in recent years. And it appears he’s got that target firmly affixed in his sights as well, if this leaked report is any indication.

As per The Federalist Papers citing a new Axios report, a memo was just issued in the White House:

“…the memo “fleshes out Trump’s campaign promises to gut the [Environmental Protection Agency].

It recommends that the president ‘[i]ssue an executive order barring EPA from overruling federal/state regulatory/permit decisions unless in clear violation of established law.’ It also recommends large budget cuts to the EPA as well.”

Oh yeah, the tree huggers just went ballistic.

But we really don’t care. While everyone should care about the environment (at least to a certain extent), there’s no denying a broken system. Obamacare is broken and so are many aspects of the EPA and you know, Trump isn’t a big fan of “broken.”

Remember that fantastic promise he made to our brave men and women in uniform? That’s another indication of our new commander-in-chief wanting to FIX things. Liberals have never had any interest in fixing anything; they just create a giant politically correct mire of COMPLETE incompetence, in which we’ve all been sinking for years.

That’s going to end. And it’s going to end soon.

Sources: The Federalist Papers, Axios

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