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Nasty Liberal Pees On American Flag, Then Posts An Even More Disturbing Message Online

There are some incredibly crude and revolting individuals out there.

Perhaps it has always been this way. Maybe the internet has just made it easier for them to display their disgusting behavior for all to view so now it seems like there’s a LOT of it.

Then again, it certainly seems like nasty anti-America rhetoric has soared to astronomical heights since the liberals lost the White House (and everything else).

So, we’re thinking…temper tantrum.

And unfortunately, we’re just never free of those traitors who hate this country. Maybe they’re too lazy to practice their convictions and just get the hell out of Dodge but either way, they’re pretty disgusting.

And it could be that they just enjoy making others miserable.

Whatever the case, we’ve found a new low in a woman who posted a video clip of herself urinating on the American flag on Facebook.

To its credit, Facebook removed the video, but not before plenty of people had an opportunity to view it and offer their opinions.

Via Breitbart:

A woman from Philadelphia has sparked fury across social media after she posted a video online in which she urinated on the American flag.

“The video, which was originally uploaded to Facebook but later deleted, shows Philadelphia woman Emily Lance urinating on the American flag.

“According to the Daily Mail, a caption accompanying the video read: ‘F*** your nationalism. F*** your country. F*** your stupid f****** flag.'”

In keeping with her language we could offer a very short and appropriate reply to her, but we refuse to sink to her level.

And Twitter lit up with comments:

We’ll keep the vulgar material off our site.

If you really must see it, Breitbart has it, at least at the time of the writing of this article, so head on over if you want all the gritty details.

Unsurprisingly, this woman made a puerile attempt to defend her actions, bemoaned the hostile replies she got (as if she expected anything else), and basically told her detractors to take a hike.

One piece of information is especially interesting, though.

Lance is a self-described left-wing anarchist and has previously posted photos suggesting that the 9/11 attacks were an ‘inside job.’

According to her Facebook likes, she is a supporter of former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.”


If she asked nicely, she could probably crowd-fund enough money to get a one-way ticket to another country, one that is more to her liking.

And we’d certainly support that idea. See if anybody overseas is more willing to deal with her horrifying behavior.

Any guesses as to what this woman does for a living? Think she does anything? Just another Sanders-loving leech who thinks everyone should pay for everyone else to live?

Or maybe it’s worse. This level of hatred and vitriol is such that one might think she’s a terrorist-in-training and honestly, this is the kind of behavior that should get the attention of authorities.

Don’t be surprised if she supported the Scalise shooting, too.

Source: Breitbart

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