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Bleeding Heart Liberal Takes In Refugee – Then She Gets 1 MIND-BLOWING Wake-Up Call

It just keeps happening.

Everyone wants to grant asylum to refugees while sticking their collective heads in the sand.

The pervading liberal belief that all refugees are just poor, desperate, kind-hearted individuals who merely need a little assistance has backfired again and again.

Every time we check the news, we hear about another horrifying story involving refugees attacking innocent civilians and yet, the Left refuses to change its tune.

What it’s going to take?

Liberals won’t even consider revamping the completely useless refugee policies; perhaps they should take a cue from Austria, which just implemented the most ingenious – and utterly logical – plan EVER.

But no, forget that. Forget making refugees actually DO anything. Just give them everything on a silver platter and it’ll all work out. Right?

That’s what journalist Lynn Barber thought would happen. Her husband would tell her “daily horror stories” about migrants and so, she decided to allow a Sudanese asylum seeker into her home.

His name was Mohammed and he claimed to have been forced to flee his native Khartoum to escape political persecution (the same plea every refugee lodges, by the way).

He even claimed to have crossed the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean sea. And what happened when he got into Barber’s home?

Via Daily Caller:

For the ‘shy, but very polite’ young migrant who moved into her spare room was, in fact, a Walter Mitty figure whom she accuses of taking advantage of her hospitality, lying about his circumstances, and fabricating much of his life story.


In her confessional Sunday Times article, Barber tells how Mohammed took drugs in her home, downloaded pornography on to her computer, annoyed her by making excessive use of the NHS, was disrespectful towards women and non-Muslims, and shamelessly milked the UK’s benefits system.

But wait, it gets worse:

She eventually booted him out after he revealed, during an argument, that he wasn’t actually a refugee.

Far from being a penniless charity case, this recipient of taxpayer funds made it very clear that he was independently wealthy.

And despite it all, he had no problem remaining in Britain with his forged asylum status.

This, right here, is why the entire system needs to be overhauled. Rapidly.

No country can keep this up because if they do, there will be more Manchester tragedies…count on it.

Source: Daily Caller

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