Red, White, and Right


Do you think liberals UNFAIRLY target Barron and Melania Trump?

What is it about Melania and Barron that infuriate the liberals so much?

The littlest thing can set off these vicious Leftists.

Melania Trump asks the Pope to bless her rosary and people flip out…but why? Is it because Christianity and Catholicism are essentially most oppressed religions in the world right now?

And what about Barron? The kid is 11 years old and look what he has to deal with.

We know liberals have zero morality (and they’re really proud of that fact, by the way) but when you’re attacking a kid, just because you don’t like his father, you’re nothing more than a playground bully.

Of course, the First Family is always under heavy scrutiny, but don’t you think the Trumps are unfairly targeted?



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