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Liberals Say Trump Is Racist. But Obama Was Even More Racist Because…

The events in Charlottesville have given the Left the propaganda opportunity they’ve been dying for since the Russia conspiracy narrative fell flat.

Hysteria over white supremacists and Nazis has gripped the political world, and the Leftist fearmongers don’t bother to differentiate between Nazis and regular conservatives.

You’ll notice they don’t mention the violence perpetrated by leftist groups over the past few years, especially by groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

In their cases, they have an increasing body count and impressively high dollar number when it comes to damage costs, but the liberal-oriented media hasn’t even bothered to acknowledge such atrocities.

Nope, the same ol’ narrative is obvious: the biggest threat to the country is conservatism, a concept the Left has pushed since the 1990s if not earlier.

Lumping regular conservatives with real radicals is a favorite past-time for liberals, as merely wanting smaller government, lower taxes, the right to bear arms, etc. makes you at least a white supremacist if not an outright Nazi.

In the Charlottesville aftermath, they’ve directly targeted Trump with the accusation, saying he’s reluctant to reprimand such people.

But that’s simply not true, as the guy has a long history of calling out hate groups and repressive ideologies. Just because he didn’t phrase his condemnation exactly how the Left wanted, they’re losing their minds.

President Trump will even be more strongly vilified now that he actually called out the Left’s responsibility for the violence, placing equal blame on their protesters.

This has shocked the political world, as they’ve done exactly what was mentioned before – pretend that telling the truth and being objective about these issues makes you a Nazi sympathizer.

The amusing thing is, Trump’s response to Charlottesville and acts of hate in general are FAR more vociferous and clear than Obama’s ever were.

As reported at the Daily Caller, Obama tweeted out a simple image of himself interacting with several young kids of various skin colors, and it has drawn massive praise from the media. The Tweet read:

No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion…

It’s since become the most liked tweet in history. How predictable. And how predictable that in a time of tragedy, he’d send out a photo of himself.

The contrast to look for here is how differently leftists respond to violence when it’s not one of their comrades perpetrating it.

Remember in July of 2016, when an avowed black nationalist, Micah Xavier Johnson, murdered five police officers during a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Dallas, Texas?

That event’s conveniently been forgotten already, as are all the other cop slayings by black supremacists.

Isn’t it amazing how the Left has already ascertained what the Charlottesville murderer’s motivations and intentions were, despite there being no official information, yet they constantly scratch their heads when one of their own commits a crime…?

In the aftermath of the Muslim terror attack on the Orlando night club, the left-wing press just couldn’t figure out what motivated the guy to kill dozens of people.

This, despite the fact he literally called the police and told them he was murdering in the name of Allah.

In the case of Johnson, he too openly expressed his hatred of whites and police, saying he was specifically targeting them while he was being hunted down.

But again, the media couldn’t figure out why he killed all those cops.

Even crazier, the president of the United States at the time, Obama, expressed the same confusion, saying that Johnson’s motives were “hard to untangle.”

I think it’s very hard to untangle the motives of this shooter,” Mr. Obama said.

“By definition if you shoot people who pose no threat to you, you have a troubled mind.


While not capable of putting the pieces together concerning his motivations, he did blame “powerful weapons” for the cop massacre.

But that’s hardly the same thing as completely denouncing the African-American community for this horrific attack against officers of the law. And if anyone asked Obama to do that, they were instantly a racist.

Just take a second and understand the unbelievable level of intellectual dishonesty at play here.

The Left thinks we’re so stupid, so uninformed and reliant upon their propaganda, that they’ll lie straight to our faces and expect us to believe it.

The media’s quick to blame Trump for the Charlottesville tragedy, but they’ve never accepted responsibility for the deluge of violence committed by their side.

If anything, when BLM or Antifa murder or destroy a neighborhood, it’s still the fault of conservatives, because we supposedly reinforce white supremacy and whatnot.

We simply cannot win. That’s why trying to appease them and tiptoe on these issues is foolish. You’re already a Nazi in their eyes, no matter how much you disavow them.

So rather than spend all your energy doing so, instead fearlessly call out their hypocrisy and tacit acceptance of violence from their side.

And also point out the dichotomy between their treatment of white supremacy/Nazi ideology and communism. We can’t be on defense forever, which is what their accusations are designed to do.

We must strike back and make them answer for their lies and hypocrisy, or else this cycle will continue indefinitely.

Doing so doesn’t make you a bigot or sympathizer, just someone who truly wants fairness and truth in political discourse.

And really, is that so wrong?

Source: Daily Caller

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