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If A Man Isn’t Attracted To This, He’s A Bad Person

The science-loving Left sure seems to be opposed to biological reality.

On so many fronts, they’re battling scientific facts and reality, while at the same time, labeling us a bunch of overly-religious cavemen and science-deniers.

There are now dozens of genders and even sexes and not only that, sexual orientations are now as numerous as the stars. And this is “normal” and “tolerant.”

Even more amusing are their attempts to justify their physical unattractiveness, with their fat acceptance crusade and all-around attempt to shame men for having the audacity to be attracted to women that are objectively attractive.

Instead of recognizing the severe obesity epidemic killing this country and strangling the healthcare system, they move the goalposts, saying “fat is fit” “healthy at any size!” and crap like that.

They’re even going so far as to shame companies for not having sizes that could literally be worn by a humpback whale.

Yes, it’s a crisis all right, one that’s turning upside down the idea of beauty as the definition is stretched to fit everyone, cause, you know, you’re beautiful and perfect just the way you are!

As per an editorial at the Daily Caller, Sport’s Illustrated’s Instagram account is making waves after it recently featured Tabria Majors, a “plus-sized” model. First, let’s get one thing straight:

You absolutely can be beautiful and plus-sized, no doubt about it. But pretending that most of these “big” models are representative of plus-sized women is egregiously false.

Yes, far more women in America have a comparable waist size with these types of models, but they certainly don’t carry their weight as well as them on average, nor have the natural beauty that most have.

Which renders this whole plus-sized thing devoid of any real meaning, because all the models are what normal models would look like if they got fat.

But the worst part of this entire movement to drag everything down so people can feel better about themselves is that they try and shame men for liking what, biologically, they’re programmed to like.

It’d be like shaming a female Bird of Paradise for choosing the most beautiful and gaudy male she could find, or griping that the strongest male lion on the savannah gets the most lionesses.


I’m not sorry that men find, on average, non-fat women the most attractive. Sorry, ladies.

I mean, if this is really what feminists want, then men should start shaming them for pursuing guys who DON’T look like Seth Rogen or Jonah Hill. I’m sure they’d be more than happy to lower their standards to keep consistency in their worldview, don’t you think?

Of course they won’t. As always, they want it both ways. Be fat and cry that men don’t find them attractive, but also expect and demand that Ryan Gosling and 10/10’s everywhere bow at their feet.

This fat acceptance stuff isn’t fooling anyone. It’s all convenient self-delusion, but that pretty much sums up all left-wing views, anyway, doesn’t it?

Source: Daily Caller

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