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Why Was Maxine Waters Allowed To Ban Trump Supporters From Her Speech?

In Philadelphia, White people were warned to stay away from a Black Lives Matter meeting in April.

And in May, at the Colorado University-Boulder campus, racial segregated housing was being put forward by Black students.

And in Cudahy, California, a Latinos-only Town Hall Meeting turned ugly when Whites and Hispanics showed up to protest.

Yes, the string of racist behavior dubbed by hypocritical liberals to be “progressive” is only getting worse, and it’s especially bad when our so-called leaders are hopping aboard the same bandwagon.

Is anyone surprised when it happens, though? Especially when we’re talking about people like Maxine Waters?

Yes, the wacko liberal from California appears to have joined the recent racist controversy with a non-Trump-supporter Town Hall meeting.

Remember, this is the party of “tolerance”…

The American Mirror:

Supporters of President Trump were hoping to be a part of Maxine Waters’ town hall meeting in Gardena on Saturday, but they were barred from entering the building.

The Trump supporters received tickets for the event, but were treated as ‘second class citizens’ because they supposedly did not live in her district.

Video from outside the venue shows about 50 Trump supporters waving American flags and Trump banners and chanting, ‘Let us in!’ as they noted that Waters doesn’t live in her own district, either.

Police blocked the doors and prevented them from entering.

The non-constituents were identified with yellow wrist bands.

‘The yellow wristband means that you are branded that you cannot go in the building,’ one woman said.

‘You are forced to sit outside, even though we registered,’ she added.”

And by the way, Waters, who claimed she never called for President Trump’s impeachment, did exactly that in this speech. Over and over, in fact.

Maybe that’s why Trump supporters weren’t allowed in; maybe it’s because liberals are about as open-minded as the Gestapo.

The LA Times reports:

Today Rep. Maxine Waters led a minutes-long “Impeach 45!” chant at a town hall. She later closed with, “Stay woke.”

A couple of weeks ago, a constituent of Misrepresentative Waters approached her and asked her if she could stop bashing Trump because she had voted for him and Waters dismissed her out of hand.

That’s just an example of this Party’s current state of mind. No wonder it’s collapsing into ruin.

Sources:  The American Mirror, LA Times

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