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SENILE Maxine Waters CAUGHT Lying To America Again – Liberals, You Are SCREWED!

They say the first thing to go in a Liberal is the brain.

If that’s true, I’d have to say it must go pretty darn quickly, because all the Democrats I see these days are already in vegetable mode.

Take, for instance, the brand-spanking-new DNC Chairman, Tom Perez, who has resolved to make the new Democrat Party motto, “We give a sh*t about people!”

They’re even selling T-shirts for twenty bucks each.

Then there’s the brilliance of Maxine Waters as she flounders in an attempt to keep her head above water after her latest very public (and very pathetic gaffe).

You may recall her yelling that Donald Trump paid “nothing” in taxes, which fact-checkers quickly pounced on; our commander-in-chief paid millions and millions in taxes over the years, of course.

Well, now she has blatantly lied again and this time, it’s even more insane…because she’s contradicting something she has said DOZENS of times since Trump took office.

She recently appeared on MSNBC in an attempt to “clear the air” about her many calls for Trump’s impeachment.

Independent Journal Review:

“After she outlined the questions surrounding President Donald Trump’s alleged impeachable offenses, Melvin asked if people should wait to call for impeachment until those questions are answered.

Given her statements only a few days earlier, Waters responded to his question with an odd clarifier and said:

‘I have not called for impeachment.'”


All right, so I guess it’s possible that we’re wrong.

It’s also possible that zebras are pink.

Waters and Nancy Pelosi are in a neck-and-neck race for the biggest political loon currently active in America.

Pelosi has been caught yammering like a nutjob several times, and now we must question the stability of Maxine as well. If you can’t remember saying something ON CAMERA dozens of times, you need to get yourself checked.

But really, it’s sort of fun to watch.

Source:  Independent Journal Review

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