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Maxine Waters Was Asked 1 Question About Trump, And Her Reply Has Patriots Boiling

It must be hard to be a shameless, pathological liar.

So many politicians are willing to distort the truth and give completely irrational opinions when it’s impossible that they don’t know the truth.

Not only that, they do so even when they know the person/people they’re talking to are aware of the truth as well, yet they’ll still tell a lie right to their face.

It’s detestable but hey, if it keeps the narrative going, helps put money in their pocket, and keeps them in power, they’re more than willing to do whatever it takes.

One of the exemplars of this attitude is the old leftist crone Maxine Waters.

Despite being black, this woman is a modern-day slaver. She represents one of the poorest districts in the LA region, yet after decades of her “leadership,” conditions haven’t improved at all for her constituents.

Since Trump was elected, she’s been bolstering her stock by flagrantly attacking Trump over anything, which provides sustenance to the leftist mobs.

And during her latest media appearance, on what is in the top 3 of The Most Cancerous Shows on television, The View, she proved once again how intellectually bankrupt she is.

As reported at Western Journalism, despite continually record breaking stock numbers and positive economic reports, Trump doesn’t deserve a lick of credit, at least according to the senile Waters.

After citing the record highs achieved by the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the low levels of unemployment in America, View host Jedediah Bila hit Waters with a question.

Are you willing to give him (Trump) some credit in that arena, on the economy, that he’s making some progress?” Bila asked.

Absolutely not,” said Waters, who for months has called for Trump’s impeachment.

I think too much credit is given to presidents about how the markets are working, and I really don’t think that he’s done anything that he can take credit for,” she said.

 Waters said that from her perspective, Trump hasn’t been very engaged.

So I don’t believe that he has had any initiatives, he’s had any legislation, he’s not been involved in public policy,” Waters said.

He doesn’t know really what’s going on on Wall Street. So I don’t give him any credit for it.”

Bila cited some facts to back up her argument, but those have no affect on a con artist like Waters.

What about deregulating the economy, though? What about some of the job promotion he’s done around the country?

We talk about coal jobs … you don’t think that is in any way related to it?” Bila said.

Waters replied:

No, absolutely not.

He’s not really created any substantive number of jobs. He has made these people believe he’s going to bring back the coal industry. It is not going to happen.”

Of course it’s not going to happen, so long as leftists continue their global warming crusade and attempts to destroy the coal industry.

Also, and Waters knows this, Trump’s rhetoric and philosophy alone is enough to influence the markets, as throughout the campaign and since becoming president he’s talked about deregulation and other conservative economic policies.

The markets understand the kinds of policies he’ll pursue and adjust/prepare for them. This is standard stuff that happens to the economy when a new president is inbound.

But despite the evidence and knowing these basic facts, Waters wouldn’t concede.

After refusing to give Trump any credit, she then attacked his supporters.

They stick with him, not because they think he’s going to change government as such. I think they stick with him because he has made them believe that somebody else is responsible for their problems,” Waters said.

For these small towns and these areas where the stores have closed down, the jobs have left, ‘It is those people over there, I’m going to build a wall, I’m going to keep those people out, they’re the cause of your problem, they’re getting something for nothing, it’s not you,’ and they believe that,” she added.

Talk about a juvenile and self-serving interpretation of why folks support Trump.

It’s funny how leftists talk about “small towns” and “rural people,” like they’re some kind of lost, indigenous tribe they’ve only just made contact with and don’t understand (they don’t).

But then again, if they really saw us as a Stone Age indigenous tribe, they’d do everything in their power to protect our culture and values from being sullied by outsiders.


What they see us as is a nuisance, the final resistance to their left-wing, urbanite agenda. They have no desire to understand us or live peacefully with us. We’re an obstacle, one that must be eradicated.

This is why you see them express no sympathy for the dying communities and towns that have lost their jobs for various reasons beyond their control.

Because it’s mostly white, conservative areas and red states that are suffering, there’s no reason to help or mourn. It’s the opposite in fact.

They must pass laws that accelerate our demise because our voting patterns and white skin offer them nothing by way of power.

That’s the Democratic Party in a nutshell. Their only values are the ones that keep them in power and enrich them.

Waters and her ilk don’t care about the long-term health of the republic, only about getting theirs and earning easy plaudits from their sycophantic followers.

Source: Western Journalism

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