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Exposed – Media Caught Hiding 1 Huge Secret About Antifa Riots – And The Truth Is Terrifying

Talk about deja vu in Berkeley over the weekend, as once again radical leftists violently attacked peaceful conservatives for the sin of, well, not being rabid liberals.

It has become a common scene whenever there’s a political event or protest of some kind; black-clad, club-wielding leftists beating on those they disagree with.

The group responsible is the Left’s foot-soldiers, the terror group Antifa. With a war chest of money from Soros tied groups, the terrorists have seen their organization rapidly grow.

And as they’ve grown, so has their willingness to use violence to get their way.

In Berkeley over the weekend, it was replay of the riots that ensued when conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos was invited to speak at the university earlier in the year.

These riots were cheered on by the city’s radical mayor and watched by the police who were ordered to give the leftists their “space to destroy.”

As reported at Breitbart, Berkeley police once again allowed masked Antifa anarchists to jump barricades and attack a demonstration by a peaceful conservatives on Sunday, leading to five assaults, including on Patriot Prayer group leader Joey Gibson.

Just like last time, the police mostly stood by and let Antifa members get away with their shenanigans, only stepping in when things got particularly violent–which they did on several occasions.

The police later defended their decision by arguing that keeping the anarchists out would have led to greater violence.

There was “no need for a confrontation over a grass patch,” Berkeley police chief Andrew Greenwood said, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

That’s funny, because marches with just dozens of conservatives often get cancelled due to supposed fear of violence. Police never allow for “right-wingers” to get out of hand, which is a rare occurrence anyway.

But when it’s known that leftists will far outnumber conservatives, or that they’ll be the ones doing the protesting, they’re allowed to get away with all sorts of crimes.

Police would never stand by while conservatives outnumbered leftists 100 to 1, but they seem to love letting left-wing radicals surround small groups of conservatives, knowing it’s only a matter of time before the beatings start.

In leftist-controlled cities, this tends to happen. Their comrades are let off their leashes, which results in cracked skulls and vandalism.

What’s often glossed over in this story is that the original “No to Marxism” protest, which was planned by conservatives, was denied a permit by the city. Even so, some protestors still showed up, but only a handful.

Despite the event getting canceled, 2,000 leftists still decided to “counter-protest” anyway, seemingly upset that anyone would dare come into their hellhole of a city and denounce Marxism.

Because of the left-wing presence, 400 police were called to the scene to prevent violence.

But rather than do what they were tasked with, they simply stepped aside when over 100 masked Antifa terrorists “busted through police lines, avoiding security checks by officers to take away possible weapons.

The result was several severe beatings of those who had gathered to protest against Marxism, an ideology that should be more fervently denounced than Nazism, yet has somehow found broad acceptance among the Left.

Thirteen of the anarchists were arrested, the Chronicle reported, which is only a fraction of those that committed clear misdemeanors and felonies.

Predictibly, the liberal media has been equivocating, making it seem like the violence was spontaneous and perpetrated by both sides.

The reality is, Antifa openly admits they’ll use force at these events and that they attend them for the sole purpose of disrupting them.

The left-wing Los Angeles Times headline about the incident did a good job sweeping the truth under the rug, as it read: “Violence breaks out at Berkeley protest.”


But the Mercury News report, citing Berkeley law enforcement authorities directly, made it clear that police knew that “Antifa” intended to cause violence, and allowed it to happen:

Berkeley police chief Andrew Greenwood defended how police handled the protest, saying they made a strategic decision to let the anarchists enter to avoid more violence.

Greenwood said “the potential use of force became very problematic” given the thousands of peaceful protesters in the park.

Once anarchists arrived, it was clear there would not be dueling protests between left and right so he ordered his officers out of the park and allowed the anarchists to march in.”

As if we needed more proof that journalism is dead in this country, here we are.

One of the nation’s largest newspapers conveniently glosses over pertinent details that change the entire complexion of the violence in Berkeley. But to report the truth would damage the Left, so of course they refrain from doing so.

The Associated Press corroborated that report:

Berkeley Police Chief Andrew Greenwood said officers were told not to actively confront the anarchists.

He applauded officers’ restraint, saying it forestalled greater violence.”

Hmmm. I wonder who it was that told them to stand down. The crackpot leftist mayor and the similarly crazy city council? Probably, just like before.

The lesson of this and recent events is this: if you’re a conservative and attend a protest in a liberal city, you better be prepared to get no assistance from the police.

Wear a GoPro camera or some kind of recording device because if something bad happens to you, there’ll be no recourse unless it’s clearly caught on film.

The Left is so unhinged that they’re encouraging and allowing for this violence to happen.

The only thing you can do is arm yourself appropriately and be ready to deal with the challenges that await you on your own.

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