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They Keep Slamming Melania, But Guess What Michelle Obama Was Doing During Hurricane Sandy?

Hurricane Harvey was an unavoidable natural disaster that has nothing to do with politics, but don’t tell that to the mainstream media.

They’ve used the tragedy as an opportunity to eviscerate Trump and his family, acting like the president hasn’t done enough or that he doesn’t really care about the victims.

These types of claims are patently false of course, but that hasn’t stopped the left-wing clowns from putting on their usual show.

But worse than attacking the president for his supposed failure in handling the crisis, the depraved media has made First Lady Melania Trump the target of their slander.

As reported at the Conservative Tribune, the president and his wife went down to Houston last week to see the wreckage for themselves, as well as meet with some of those affected to offer reassurances.

It’s typical for a president to do in such situations but it’s Trump and his family we’re talking about, so the media has to find something to bash him about.

Being the scumbags they are, they attacked Melania for the most ridiculous reason imaginable–her heels.

The New York Slimes and fellow garbage rag Vogue just couldn’t get over Melania’s decision to wear stilettos while in Houston, despite the fact that she had just come from a dry DC climate and is usually dressed regally.

They penned respective articles about Melania’s crime and ginned up false outrage from their leftist comrades in the Twitter-sphere over the “incident.”

In stark contrast to Melania’s treatment, let’s recall how the media acted during Obama’s presidency:

During Hurricane Sandy, which was treated as an apocalyptic event since it was hitting the east coast, folks in the Northeast lost power for a while and suffered some significant damage.

What did Michelle Obama wear when visiting the victims?

Who knows? She never bothered to go, despite being only a few hours away by car.

Did the media bash her for not going? Of course not; it’s Michelle Obama we’re talking about, the paragon and exemplar of what a First Lady’s supposed to be like.

While she couldn’t be bothered to leave her posh mansion in Chicago, she DID send out fundraising emails for the victims, or, at least, one of her legions of staffers did.

It’s laughable, it really is, to see the difference in treatment that the respective First Lady’s receive.

Leftists love to moan about conservatives’ supposed War on Women, yet they go nuclear on any woman who has the temerity to not be a leftist, or, who’s just associated with a conservative.

In the case of Melania, we get a clear look at the preferential treatment that leftists receive from their lapdogs in the media.

This is something we conservatives already know, but it doesn’t make it any less enraging to see the same episode play out over and over again.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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