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Melania Proves Michelle Ripped Off Taxpayers – You Will LOVE What She Does Next

The media hype during the Obama era made his incredibly average wife out to be an angel that descended from the heavens.

There was nothing Michelle could do wrong as far as the Left was concerned; she was the embodiment of the perfect First Lady, even though, like her husband, she was a total disgrace.

While Michelle busied herself bashing the country (and pretending she wasn’t), the new First Lady, who’s faced unprecedented criticism from the press, has been showing off her grace and elegance everywhere she goes.

But beyond that, she has been proving what it’s like to have a First Lady who ACTUALLY works for the people of America.

As reported at the Federalist Papers, the gulf in class couldn’t be wider between Michelle and Melania, as the latter has not only behaved in a stately manner, but has also managed to save taxpayers a boatload of cash.

How? Well, she has drastically downsized the First Lady coterie that was needlessly massive under the diva Michelle.

According to a recent study on government spending by Open the Books, Melania Trump’s overhaul of the position has seen a reduction of 19 staffers, leaving her with just 5 compared to Michelle’s 24.

For some reason, Michelle had staffers for everything, with people waiting on her constantly, taking care of every little task.


How much money is being saved by Melania?

About $5.1 million per year. While this is a welcome change, overall, thanks to the streamlining of White House staff, the Trump White House will save around $22 million.

It’s insane to think that such an amount could be saved just from reducing staff.

Obama and his wife were made out to be a humble couple from a middle-class background, folks that were keen to “spread the wealth” and make the rich “pay their fair share.”

However, while in the White House, they treated it like their own little kingdom, wasting tax dollars on redundant things, acting like a king and queen.

They’ve carried on with their love of the high-life since leaving office, as rubbing shoulders with the elite is one of their favorite activities. The media can trash Melania all they want. People believe what their eyes see.

The American people can plainly see that Melania is a classy woman AND a proper servant of this country, and no amount of lies will change that fact.

Source: Federalist Papers

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