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Melania Trump Drops A Religious Thunderbolt On America…Liberals Are In Full REVOLT!

Here’s a story the left just can’t shake from its angry head.

Expect criticism, condemnation and expressions of shock and outrage to come from the mainstream media in the coming days.

Democrats already hate First Lady Melania Trump, as evidenced by the shockingly disgusting attacks they’ve leveled at her in recent months.

We also know these same shameless liberals have zero respect for the First Family, including 10-year-old Barron Trump. They have no reason to be this nasty and hostile but then again, that’s the liberal calling card.

Now, check this out:

Remember how Michelle Obama, former first lady, once famously said she only first felt proud of her nation after her husband, Barack, was elected to the presidency? Not exactly the picture of humility and meekness, is it?

Well, Melania Trump, current first lady, obviously has a different heart.

From Right Wing News:

Melania Trump opened the rally in Melbourne, Florida with the Lord’s Prayer yesterday. It was a moving and humble gesture. Melania took the stage and said the prayer before introducing her husband, President Trump. ‘Thank you,’ she told the crowd. ‘Thank you. Let us pray.’

Humble is right.

And Melania didn’t just toss off a few choice words of prayer. She didn’t just offer up a thinly disguised political vent or speech.

No. Quite the contrary.

Rather, Melania prayed as Jesus, in the Bible, taught. She started with the Lord’s Prayer, the basic utterings of humility, gratefulness and meek appeal that all believers are taught as proper.

So different from the previous administration.

Of course, if Michelle had stood up there and offered a Muslim prayer, she would’ve been lauded for promoting diversity and religious freedom and being “open-minded.” But any mention of Christianity and you’re the devil, right, liberals?

Maybe now they can try banning Mrs. Trump from something else, the way the Girl Scouts circulated that idiotic petition to insult the First Lady.

The point is this:

While Mooch’s speech focused on what was wrong with America and how the country is still racist, and how those in the minority communities still struggle to achieve equal footing with what she scornfully described as White America, Melania’s public persona is one of grace, a humble heart and a bold recognition of what America is all about:

The fact that God, not government, is the rightful leader.

Source: Right Wing News

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