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BOMBSHELL: Melania Trump CRUSHES Her Attackers With This Sick Move…It’s A First Lady Beatdown!

Don’t mess with the Trumps. That’s the message Melania, the president-elect’s wife, has just sent, at least.

She’s had enough with the constant media attacks and frankly, it’s about to explode in the faces of those who just wouldn’t lay off. This is what happens when you mercilessly slam the future First Lady over and over and OVER.

What happened?

Well, it started back in September, when Melania filed a lawsuit against the Daily Mail and a Maryland-based blogger named Webster Tarpley.

She alleged libel, after a story appeared that called her an escort during her modeling years, Independent Journal Review reported. And through her attorney, Charles Harder, she called for damage payments in the amount of $150 million.

At a recent court appearance, Mrs. Trump met with the judge and with opposing counsel, and doubled down on her claim for damages.


“By meeting the judge, she signaled that she’s more than just a caricature depicted by headlines and SNL skits,” IJR reported.

On top of that, Mrs. Trump has fought another legal battle over what she claims were false statements about her and her family.

Her attorney just a month ago contacted James Hunter, a YouTube user, and demanded he take down the video he made about Barron Trump and the boy’s supposed autism.

“He was forced to take the video down and issue an official apology,” IJR reported.

The overriding message?

“While she can’t stop people from making fun of her, her decision to appear in court [sends] a clear message – either stop spreading lies,” IJR reported, “or face the consequences.”

Here’s the thing: If you keep going after someone with virtually no grounds to do so, they’re eventually going to bite back. And clearly, Melania’s bite is a whole lot stronger than many wanted to believe.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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