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Despicable: Melania Trump Suddenly Under Attack, First Lady To Be BANNED From…

These people just get nuttier and nuttier.

It wasn’t enough, apparently, for Rosie O’Donnell to call on President Obama to declare a state of martial law to delay Trump’s inauguration enough so that he could be charged with treason, and Sen. John McCain given his White House spot.

It’s also not enough that crazed anarchists have to plot mass disruption of the inauguration, calling on their chaotic cohorts to come out in full force and shut down the parade by whatever means necessary.

Now we have to turn left-leaning eyes on Trump’s family, and get all angsty about the way the election turned out; specifically, target the First Lady…? Seriously?

Sure, why not? What else do liberals have left? Well, they could yell anti-Trump comments at a wall for 4 years, I suppose. They could also do this:

“Now, [there’s] a new attack on Melania Trump.” The Political Insider reported. “It is tradition that the First Lady is typically considered to be the ceremonial leader of the Girl Scouts. But now there’s a petition going viral trying to ban Melania from that role.”

That’s right, you read that right. The left is so upset Trump won the White House its most committed members – and by committed, I mean they should be – are taking it out on Melania. And trying to ban her from associating with the Girl Scouts.

And you won’t BELIEVE why…

Melania Trump’s actions and behaviors are the complete opposite of Girl Scout values: She supports objectifying women by posing in the nude for GQ and Max Magazines. She promotes sex and violence against women by posing in the nude wearing handcuffs and by posing next to the Trump jet while clad in a g-string and brandishing a handgun.”

Blah blah blah … as if the left really cared about morals, values, decorum and so forth.

This is the same left, remember, that opened the door for lesbians to serve openly in the Girl Scouts. But they care about exposing their members to a woman in a swimsuit, working a modeling job? That just defies common sense.

So the only real conclusion to make here is that the left is once again trying to undercut Trump’s administration before it even starts. The left knows it can’t stop the Trump train from steamrolling forward. So what they’re doing instead is taking petty potshots at members of the Trump family, no matter how shameful, no matter how desperate the attacks seem.

And truly, it doesn’t get any more desperate than demanding the new First Lady stay away from the precious Girl Scouts.

Source: The Political Insider

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