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HAHA! Here’s Michelle Obama’s ‘Legacy’ – And Here’s Trump FLUSHING It Down The Toilet!

It’s sort of a tradition among public school students to gripe about the quality of the lunches.

A lot of its is probably nonsense, as kids tend to complain a lot.

On the other hand, some of the meals really ARE awful. Recall former First Lady Michelle Obama’s drive to make sure every student got their government-approved nutrition whether they liked it or not.

It’s a nice idea but the problem is, this program turned out to be a spectacular failure.

President Trump has just given Michelle’s much-lauded lunch program a much-needed kick in the pants. And all this, not very long after the Leftists actually hailed Mrs. Obama as a queen.

Here’s the beginning of the end for Michelle’s program, via Daily Caller:

“In one of his first acts as the new agriculture secretary, Sonny Perdue announced an interim rule aimed at ‘providing regulatory flexibility for the National School Lunch Program’ during the lunch hour at an elementary school in Leesburg, Va., Monday, the Associated Press reports.”

What Mrs. Obama overlooked in her leftist compulsion to control everything from Washington is that the most nutritious meals in the world are worthless if they wind up in the trash.

The school lunch rules, which Obama strengthened in an effort to combat childhood obesity, are not working, Perdue said.

‘If kids aren’t eating the food, and it’s ending up in the trash, they aren’t getting any nutrition—thus undermining the intent of the program.'”

Picking up on President Trump’s signature slogan:

“Perdue’s ‘Make School Lunches Great Again’ interim rule postpones mandatory sodium reductions for at least three years, lets schools to serve more non-whole grains, and even allows 1 percent flavored chocolate milk back in the lunchroom.”

The fact that the following obvious goal has to be even stated shows just how messed up Michelle’s approach was:

“The policies that Secretary Perdue has declared here today will provide the flexibility to ensure that schools are able to serve nutritious meals that children will actually eat.”

Thank you Michelle, for demonstrating the idiocy of liberal programs. And amidst it all, liberals have the audacity to compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler…amazing, isn’t it?

Source: Daily Caller

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