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Barack And Michelle Obama Make The ‘Best Dressed’ List – Guess Who’s NOT On It?

Based on policy alone, Obama’s presidency was bad enough.

But what made it even more unbearable was the cult of personality that developed around him and his family.

The Obama’s were and still are treated like royalty, as the liberal media can’t help but talk about how they wish they were still in the White House.

Both Barack and Michelle are still relatively young, so the bad news is we’re going to have to suffer their presence in American politics for years to come.

But it’s not just politics they’ve intruded upon. Obama and his wife became pop culture icons, mixing it up with celebrities, athletes, and other elites during and since his presidency.

The media’s especially obsessed with pretending Michelle is some kind of fashionista and stunning beauty, while at the same time, trashing Melania Trump and not giving her any recognition.

It’s all because her husband is an evil Republican, of course. Highlighting the Left’s pettiness is a meaningless, but telling, award that’s being handed out to the Obamas.

As reported at Breitbart, the vapid liberal rag Vanity Fair will be honoring the Obamas this year for winning their International Best Dressed List award. Talk about undeserved.

Notably absent from the list of nominees is Melania, who is a former supermodel and objectively more fashionable than either of the Obamas.

Barack and Michelle are plastered all over their ‘Couples” sections of the best dressed categories, which also includes Hollywood celebrities and other elites.

Yet somehow, out of all the potential winners, it just so happens that the failure-in-chief and partner in crime came out on top. I wonder if left-wing politics and bias were involved in the decisions…

In Vanity Fair’s piece on Michelle and Barack, the writers boasts about her “most notable” look of the year, which the editors said was a white, off-the-shoulder Club Monaco top with high-waisted BCBG green linen cargo pants and sunglasses that she wore in Tuscany.

It really doesn’t matter what she wears, though. No matter how fancy and well designed, nothing can overcome that nasty scowl she always has plastered on her face.

I wonder how leftists square that description, since they’re always talking about the evils and opulence of the rich.

I mean, it describes her as wearing incredibly expensive clothes in Tuscany of all places. I guess it’s okay to flaunt your 1 percent status so long as you’re a progressive.

Meaningless this little award certainly is, but it’s another micro-example of just how deluded leftists really are.

Source: Breitbart

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