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One Of Michelle Obama’s Cronies Is Going To Prison – You Won’t Believe Who It Is

Corruption seems to follow Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton as well as their associates.

Perhaps that’s why the left is so desperate to find or manufacture anything they can accuse President Trump of doing.

It would be a welcome smokescreen for the liberals to take some heat off of their enveloping scandals.

To the degree that it’s possible, it’s desirable to keep the family members of politicians out of acrimonious debates. They have enough to deal with.

However if they choose to engage the political debate, then they and their views are rightly considered fair game. That’s just the nature of the business, right?

The most prominent example is First Lady Hillary Clinton who jumped into the political debate with both feet when her husband was first elected, even preferring to be considered a “co-president” with her husband.

Then there’s Michelle Obama.

During her husband’s reign, she entered the political scene as she addressed the relatively minor issue of what should be on the menu of school lunches.

She believed, as all good liberals do, that this is a matter to be dealt with by Washington; hence, her school lunch program, which turned out to be a dismal failure.

Now we find that her principal advisor in creating that program, David Binkle, Director of Food Services for Los Angeles Unified School District, is going to trial for allegedly defrauding Michelle’s school lunch program in Los Angeles in the amount of $65,000.

Which is just TOO funny, really.

First, let’s see what Michelle originally had to say about Binkle. This, from the White House website:

“David Binkle, Director of Food Services for Los Angeles Unified School District, shared that his district has been able to successfully implement and even go beyond the nutrition standards for the 650,000 students they serve.

As a result, they have seen increased participation in the program, improvements in students’ academics, and even increased graduation rates.”

That sounds like some really desirable results. Unfortunately, they’re rather speculative, but that’s not the main point of the story.


The Los Angeles Times has the relevant story today:

“The Los Angeles Unified School District serves nearly 700,000 meals per day, and the professional chef helped lead a charge that saw vegetarian curries, pad Thai noodles and quinoa salads replace old cafeteria staples like chicken nuggets and corn dogs.

“The initiatives won the district numerous awards, drew praise from then-First Lady Michelle Obama as she led a national push to combat childhood obesity, and earned Binkle appearances on Tedx Talks.

“But as he was revolutionizing meals for the district’s students, prosecutors allege, Binkle illegally funneled roughly $65,000 of the district’s money into a private consulting firm he ran, then placed some of that money into his own pocket.

“The 55-year-old appeared in court on Tuesday and pleaded not guilty to 15 felony counts including embezzlement and misappropriation of public funds. He posted $220,000 bail and is scheduled to return to court in October. […]”

With a possible 13-year prison sentence facing him, perhaps some of his work responsibilities while in jail could include helping set the menus for his fellow prisoners.

In the meantime, we have no reports of what Mrs. Obama has to say about her former mentor.

Chances are, we won’t hear a word.

Sources: Los Angeles TimesIndependent Journal Review

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