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U.S. POWER – Military Insider Says THIS Secret Weapon Has America’s Enemies Fleeing In TERROR!

The Mother Of All Bombs (MOAB) ordnance was dropped on ISIS not too long ago.

What this weapon is actually capable of when it strikes its target is almost unimaginable.

But evidently, the U.S. military has another super advanced weapon at its disposal, and this one has a profound mental impact as well.

As we now see, just as the MOAB is deadly and efficient, other military technology in this country runs the gamut from neat and handy to outright awesome.

A lot of this technology is sought after by the enemy because of its accuracy and advanced systems.

Terror is one of the motivational factors for such systems to be implemented in the first place.  The complaints of commanders on the battlefield, however, are that the enemy is too well entrenched or impossible to reach.

Such complaints have spurred on the latest stealth advances. U.S. Marine Corps Maj. Dan Flatley explains the latest advancement in vivid detail:

Via Business Insider:

“Retired US Marine Corps Maj. Dan Flatley will never forget the crushing feeling of helplessness he felt the first time he faced a stealth jet while he was flying in an F/A-18.

I remember indelibly the moment in which the AWAC (airborne early warning and control plane) called out to me that there was a Raptor [an F-22 stealth fighter] in front of me at very close range that made me uncomfortable.

I had no way of targeting him, no way of defending myself.’

Years later, Flatley pilots the new F-35 and he has this to say about it:

“The F-35 features six cameras stationed around the jet and a helmet display that allows pilots to literally look through the jet as if it wasn’t there.


It features the only infrared radar on a US fighter since the F-14, and uses unprecedented sensor-fusion capabilities to paint an incredibly vivid picture of its surroundings for miles out.

On top of all that, it’s stealth. So while the F-35 sees everything, it’s seen by almost no one.

Everything they see becomes the F-35 out there,’ said Flatley. ‘Every radar hit, every communication is about the stealth jet. They want to illuminate or eliminate a threat they can’t handle.’

The fear and paranoia caused by the presence of stealth jets in a battle has a widespread effect on adversaries that ‘includes extremely capable legacy jets and certainly includes everything available to adversaries,’ said Flatley of updated F-16s, F-15s, and even enemy air defenses like Russia’s S-400.”

Flatley added that even the best pilots fall prey to the F-35’s significant “psychological advantage” because it isn’t about skill. The enemy is simply at a huge technological disadvantage.

Any advantage on the battlefield is a welcomed one, especially on a battlefield in the 21st Century where the enemy fails to fight in traditionally predictable ways.

Add this to the fact that President Donald Trump has given General Mattis free reign, and you’ve got a VERY formidable force in the U.S. military.

Source:  Business Insider

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