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Mother Watches In HORROR As Muslim Commits DISGUSTING Crime With Her Baby!

Reports continue to pile up about the “religion of peace” and its very strange approach to both religion and peace.

If it were not for the countless (and I do mean countless) incidents where a Muslim has done and said something terribly disturbing, downright rude, or absolutely ignorant, then the moniker of “religion of peace” might be believable.

But one Muslim leader just flat-out admitted that Islam is NOT about peace. Isn’t that enough for you, liberals?


You leftists would have us believe that the Muslims who practice Sharia Law in this country or in other countries where Islam is not the predominant faith, are these peace-loving, Middle Eastern-version of the hippies of the Sixties.

They would never, say, attack a teacher and essentially force an Islamic agenda on an American school. Right?

Liberals presume that anyone taking umbrage with outrageous activities on the parts of Muslims must be racist and bigoted, rather than looking hard in the mirror at themselves and pondering the question:

Why am I making excuses for people who are not respectful of Western values, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, or Buddhism, and who actively practice the very worst misogynistic views?

MAD World News:

“The mother, Rebecca Telford, 25, was out walking her daughter in a stroller as she did often near her home as she shopped. This is when the Muslim attacker approached without notice and immediately screamed, “White people shouldn’t breed,” before leaning down into Layla-Jean’s stroller and spitting all over her face.

In a state of shock, Telford tried to confront the 33-year-old Abdullah to which he responded, “Shut the F*ck up,” then walked away.

The prosecutor in the case, Emma Dowling, told the court that the man’s spit was “sprayed around” the baby’s face and a shocked bystander gave her a tissue to clean up.”


Thinking about this incident, it is amazing when you realize that he did this vile, disgusting thing to a BABY!

Imagine for a moment if this man had a gun and was able to do what he actually wanted to do. Screaming “White people shouldn’t breed,” probably helped his cause with the Leftists though, because they happen to be in total agreement with that opinion.

It’s really a shame that this kind of behavior is tolerated in that, not only did it take a full year before he was sentenced after going to trial, but also the fact that he was sentenced to a meager eight months of jail-time.

It is a hate crime, pure and simple.

The worst part is that these people have infiltrated our government, to the point where they can steal money from government officials and access sensitive information. Gee, maybe it’s time to DO something about this…

Source: MAD World News

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