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Muslim Punks Launch TERRIFYING Attack On Helpless White Girl, Then Her Boyfriend Shows Up…[VIDEO]

Western nations are beginning to realize the stupidity of their attempted normalization of introducing Middle East men into their midst.

The liberal belief is that Western populations will accept Muslim men as one of their own, and vice versa.

Except, atrocities committed by Muslims continue to occur on a frequent and alarming basis.

There are literally thousands of news stories surrounding gangs of Muslims raping women in a Middle East game they call “Taharrush”, or instigating mass violent riots in the streets.

And even so, these young men are welcomed into the country under the auspices of saving them from their native land’s persecution. Problem is, these men have no interest in thanking America for its hospitality.

In fact, they have every intention of forcing upon their new home and its indigenous people, their own brand of justice and religion. Sharia Law and Islam.

MAD World News:

In just one of the many incidents of Sharia justice, CCTV captured Muslim men carrying out a racially and religiously motivated attack on an unnamed 34-year-old white woman in the UK on December 11, 2016.

West Midlands Police released the shocking footage in the hopes of garnering information; however, the implications of such prevalent violence are much more disturbing than the crime itself.

The unnamed woman not only offended the Muslims with her short dress and thigh-high boots but also her white skin. The Coventry Telegraph reports that the ‘South Asian’ men, which is the politically correct code [phrase] for Muslim suspects, unashamedly attacked the woman, striking her in the face and breaking her nose and shattering her cheekbone.

Luckily, the woman was not alone.


Her boyfriend, who also remains unnamed, confronted the men before one attempted in vain to beat him into submission.

After 2 punches failed to bring down the heroic boyfriend, he responded with much harder blows, sending one Muslim perpetrator to the ground as the other 2 hesitantly step up to receive their beatings as well.

Immediately after the enraged boyfriend begins returning blow after blow, security officers rush up to the group and intervene. Disturbingly, the officers are unable to detain the attackers, and police are still searching for suspects.”

We will continue to see an escalation in these crimes solely due to the fact that the Left is unwilling to look away from its rose-colored camera lens and see that these are NOT innocent men.

They are criminal elements bent on enslaving the very people who have opened their hearts and countries to them. Even their own leaders admit they embrace violence and not peace.

Don’t bet on NBC or CNN or the AP carrying this, or news like it, anytime in the near future.

Source: MAD World News

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