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WATCH: Muslim Leader Goes On Live TV, Drops HORRIFYING Truth Bomb On The World!

There nothing like truth in advertising.

The Democrats have been advertising a certain “truth” that holds no water, and it involves the “peace-loving” Islamic faith, despite all the disturbing evidence to the contrary.

As a frame of reference:

There was an old movie with Dudley Moore (remember him?) called “Crazy People”. If you recall, the hilarious premise was that Moore is in advertising and is going through a painful separation with his wife.

He ends up cracking and goes to work with a simple motto:

Why can’t advertisers just tell the consumer the truth about their products?

He makes up a bunch of ads but is asked to take leave (in an asylum). His boss commits him, but the ads he created mistakenly get sent to press and…well, let’s just say that “Truth in Advertising” ends up sending stocks and consumer purchasing into astronomical frenzy and spending.

For the Democrats, their motto is “Anything But the Truth”.

It’s really difficult to sell your product to the public when your product stinks (literally). The Lefties have been attempting to sell rotten eggs and stinking carcasses of turkeys to the people of the world for more than a hundred years.

Liberalism still reeks worse than Fishkill, New York at low tide.

The Dems have been particularly fond of attempting to make Islam look palatable. They have done everything except declare Allah their personal savior as well in order to push the Muslim and Sharia Law agenda. Recently, an Imam may have set their cause back a bit…

Kinda like when another Muslim leader said saying “Merry Christmas” is worse than murder. Yeah, this might even be worse:

Yes I’m Right:

“Islam is a religion of peace you say? Islam welcomes all who oppose them you say? Yeah, well watch this.

The left will no doubt take this and spin it in a direction where it looks pro-Islam, but really take a look at this video. This is an Imam from London going on LIVE TV and saying that Islam does not mean peace! This completely contradicts every single thing the left has ever said about Islam.

Actually, you probably weren’t astonished by that at all were you? It’s because you, and I, know that Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of that can spread fascism, rape, hatred, and terrorism.

So the next time a liberal says Islam means peace, just show them this. You can’t refute the facts.”

The above information just goes to show that consumers just love the truth. And for once, I agree with everything this man says.

And while illegal immigration continues to ravage the U.S., particularly on the Muslim side of things, leftists continue with their propaganda…and it needs to be stopped.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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