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Muslim Girl Lies About Trump Hate Attack…Gets BIG Surprise From Police!

For months, democrats and liberals have been trying to convince everyone that Donald Trump’s election to the U.S. Presidency has resulted in countless hate crimes.

And for months, we’ve been hearing news story after news story…which prove the left is once again just trying to manipulate reality.

Take the latest example: According to a report seen at DNA Info, an 18-year-old Muslim college student (of course she’s a college student) claimed three men screaming, “Donald Trump!” attacked her on a Manhattan subway platform. Well, that’s terrible.

Only one problem.

It didn’t actually happen.


Yasmin Seweid, a Baruch College student, filed a complaint with police on Dec. 1, claiming the three white men called her a “terrorist” and tried to pull off her hajib before she ran. However, investigators – who spent a fair amount of time and NYPD resources – came to the conclusion that she was lying, as they couldn’t seem to find any witnesses, nor could video verify her story.

If you can’t get video or witnesses for an incident that supposedly happened on a Manhattan subway platform, I got news for you: it didn’t happen.

And Seweid finally recanted her claim on Tuesday, admitting she invented the story to get attention because of “issues with her family at home.” She was expected to be charged with filing a false police report, which is absolutely the correct thing to do.

All of you can keep pretending that there’s going to be some sort of holocaust because Trump is going to the White House (yes, he’s going to be president, so get over it), or worse,  you can believe the President-elect actually wants such atrocities to happen.

Again, this just proves the utterly insane level of naivete we see from the left on a daily basis.

Source: DNA Info

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