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Muslim Man Orders A Pizza…Then Immediately Turns Around And Demands $100 MILLION

It appears it won’t be long before all major restaurant chains in Michigan will be forced to leave the state.

In 2011, McDonald’s settled a $700K lawsuit filed in Detroit against the corporation by Muslims who claimed that the chicken they sold as “halal” actually wasn’t.

If you weren’t aware, Halal is a religious term used by Muslims that represents food that is acceptable for consumption by adherents of the faith.

Now, in Dearborn, another lawsuit has been initiated, this time with MUCH more money involved, and against a very large pizza chain.

It’s just more proof that those of the Muslim religion honestly believe they should receive preferential treatment and unfortunately, our outrageously liberal media always agrees.

But do you?

The Daily Caller:

A Muslim man in Michigan has filed a $100 million lawsuit against Little Caesars because, the man says, he received and consumed pizza laced with pork pepperoni.

Mohamad Bazzi is the plaintiff in the mega-dollar lawsuit, reports The Detroit Free Press.

Bazzi, 32, claims that he specifically ordered halal pepperoni pizza on two separate occasions from a Little Caesars in Dearborn but received delicious pork pepperoni instead.

Both pizza boxes he received were labeled ‘halal,’ according to the lawsuit.

Bazzi and his unnamed wife — the converted Catholic — “became sick to their stomach” when they realized they were eating pork, the $100 million lawsuit says.

They were deeply troubled — so troubled they filed a police report after first waiting three days.


‘They have no regard for people’s religious beliefs,’ the lawyer also said, according to The Detroit News. ‘This is a violation of the Muslim faith.

You can’t be handing out pork, mislabeling it as halal and get away with it. This isn’t how America operates. A billion dollar corporation can’t get away with it.’

These people were unknowingly assaulted. None of these employees seem to care.’

The chain’s spokeswoman, Jill Proctor issued a statement saying that they “cherish all customers of all religions.”

Moughni “believes” that other families in the area “believe” they were served pork products by Little Caesar’s as well and hopes to turn this into a class action lawsuit. Well, of course he does.

Well, we’ve got Muslim employees basically trying to force their employers to cater to their beliefs, so this makes perfect sense.

If a Christian tried to level a $100 million lawsuit against a company for a similar reason, what would happen? …just a question.

Sources:  The Daily Caller, Detroit Free Press

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