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Muslim Rape Explodes Across The Country, Now The Government Is Forced To…

To be Swedish these days is to suffer.

The images you might think of when you imagine Sweden: beautiful, blonde, blue-eyed women and fantastic scenery, is but a fading mirage.

Thanks to a decade of increasingly left-wing policies, that’s seen them import untold numbers of Muslims, the nation is being defiled into an unrecognizable state.

What was previously one of the safest nations on earth has seen its crime rate skyrocket and its cities under siege by the hoards of foreigners that are more than happy to accept the country’s handouts.

While everyone knows what’s really happening in Sweden, you’d be hard-pressed to see the government or media admit a thing about the nation’s degeneration.

Instead of the title of safest nation, they now can proudly label themselves the rape capitol of Europe.

Ironically, the self-proclaimed “first feminist government” sure seems okay with their explosive and ever-rising rape/sexual harassment rate. I guess putting women in danger is part of women’s liberation…?

But the Swedish government is doing far more sinister deeds besides looking the other way:

They’re tacitly admitting there’s a problem and instead of doing something about it, they’re keeping the floodgates open.

As reported at Breitbart, rather than focus on the root of the rape problem (Muslim immigrants) the Swedish government will mass produce “educational material” specifically for Muslims that teaches them to, wait for it…

Not to rape people.

The Swedish Ministry of Youth and Civil Affairs has announced a new program to combat increased sex attacks committed by newly arrived migrants by releasing a “sex guidebook” to teach them basic sex education and that women are allowed to say no.

So let me get this straight.

The “feminists” ruining this country, who supposedly put women’s issues above all else, are still WILLINGLY letting in massive amounts of foreign men that don’t understand that women aren’t property and can say no to sex?

This is so mind-numbing and contrary to nature, common sense, etc. etc. that it’s hard to begin to comprehend.

The guidebook, entitled “Youmo In Practice,” is designed to help adults who work with newly arrived young migrants to talk with them on subjects of sex, health, and gender issues, Metro reports.

The guide will also show adults how to approach the subject of consent in an effort to combat a surge in sex attacks involving young migrants.

Lena Nyberg, director general of the Youth and Civil Affairs Authority, said:

We have seen a great need for young people to get more knowledge and a great need among the adults to get help and support in how to talk about these issues.

Nyberg said it was a difficult subject to tackle because migrants can come from vastly different cultures, but noted that they should still be made aware of the laws and what is expected of them in Sweden.


One of many parts is to argue with young girls and boys about what one can and can not do,” she said.

Wow, Lena, you’re a smart cookie. If she has a daughter, I wonder how she can stand to look her in the eyes after supporting such suicidal policies.

This guidebook is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the disgusting propaganda being pumped out by the government concerning Muslims and other dangerous migrants.

Nevertheless, it’s disheartening to see a once-great nation mired so deeply into a left-wing hellhole and so unwilling to fight to get out.

Sources: MetroBreitbart

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